Vera Playa skinny dip cancelled

Some months back Ella and I were in an editorial meeting somewhere on the grid (we sometimes even dress up and visit chic cafes for this element of blogging, see below) and I mentioned I’d booked to go to Vera Playa to participate in their Guinness World Record attempt to reclaim the title for the largest mass skinny-dip ever held (a record subsequently broken by New Zealand). And Ella immediately shot back with the news that she & her husband were going as well, and also hoped to participate. So there we are, two people who only know each other through SL, in the same real world location at the same time. It was obvious that we’d be meeting up face to face.

pookes and ella dining_001b


An editorial meeting between Pookes and Ella, an event that sometimes includes a bit of tip-sharing on free items from around the grid.*

We don’t always meet pixel to pixel even if we’re both online together. Conversations often occur while we’re otherwise occupied on the grid. Quite often Ella’s presence is nominal, and she’s got SL running in the background while undertaking some blogging stuff. But on this occasion we met up while online.

Plans progressed at this in world meet, and it transpired we’d be there for a week while Ella would only be there for about four days. Still, imagine us actually meeting face to face. How exciting. My husband and I opted to stay at the naturist hotel, as we’ve never been to the area before, while Ella and her husband had booked into one of the naturist estates dotted around the area.

Well, I’m sorry to say that it appears this has been cancelled. I’ve only found out about this on a forum of which I’m not a member, and therefore can’t access full details of the reasons why, but I’ll be seeing if I can discover more.



I’ve just emailed Ella this news, and stated our intention to continue with our holiday plans. I’m not sure, at the time of writing, whether she’s even received this email yet. I’ll try and discover more this evening on why it has been cancelled and report back. 😦



* Yep. Ella arrived in a free dress from one of SL’s many give-aways. I liked it, tp’ed away briefly to ‘buy’, and then changed into it.

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