I’m swamped by RL!



I had hoped to get some of our backlog of posts up last night and tonight, but I’m swamped by real life. However, I do expect to get some of these posts up either tomorrow night or on Thursday. I’m afraid that SLN will be on hiatus from time to time until around the 14th, when I’ve a few days I can dedicate to SL.

I note that Instagram are defending their ‘no nipples’ ban in the media, and the Portland police are offering advice to people who may be offended by the sight of naked cyclists at Portland’s WNBR, and there has been a ban on a Sin City game poster which might just feature too much nipple.

We live in strange times, and I hope to reflect these odd, exceptionally odd, attitudes in forthcoming posts. In the meantime, chase down the links 🙂