The Leistone Gallery

I just wanted to update you all on ‘The Leistone Gallery’ (at Nude Haven)

This is a ‘first’ for me, both in terms of building and renting. So there’s a learning curve, particularly on the building end of it.

Initially I’d planned to run it for a month, but we’re two weeks into that now, and no obvious sight of a ‘grand opening’. Thus, I’ve decided to extend it the gallery’s existence at least until the end of the summer, the end of August, and possibly beyond.

Just to keep you updated, the photos on the walls are now available to ‘buy’ (competitively priced at L$0). Just click on them. And a ‘magazine vendor’ stand has been added, with the expectation that the exhibition ‘catalogue’ will also be able to be picked up, free, when I get to providing all the info to Ella, who’ll be turning it into something you can pick up as you pass through. All I need now, I think, is a few free glasses of wine to hand out, and maybe some lumps of cheese on cocktail sticks, and we’ll be ready to go.



The latest edition to the gallery is ‘Gib at Fenland’, wherein I’ve attempted to capture a sense of John Constable‘s work (and yes, I know he was from Suffolk rather than Norfolk).


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