But it’s not all doom and gloom!



Genuine naturism lobbying! I’m all for it.

If you’re in the Jacksonville, Florida area, or are a user of Facebook, you might want to check this out.

‘We believe that nudism can help with self-esteem, relaxation and overall well-being’. I couldn’t have put it better myself! And in the context of SL, those same values apply. Non-sexual (are you reading, some sim builders?), and promoting a positive body image.


So what have the last couple of posts got to do with SL?

So what have the last couple of posts got to do with SL? Not a lot, at first glance.

But if we’re talking ‘media hypocrisy’ then there are some SL bloggers who display the same traits in the virtual world.

I’ve railed about this previously. Skins in shops with nipple pasties in place. Blogs that will suggest they’re ‘nudity free’ while displaying the raciest, sluttiest SL clothes going. I’ve no issue with SL bloggers making their blogs ‘PG’ if that’s what they wish, and pitching their work at a teenage audience. But, come on, everyone in SL…100% of its population…has at some time stripped their avatar down to its birthday suit, even the teenagers, because it’s self-evidently the very best way to tweak an avi’s shape. So…assuming that they’ve obtained a free skin somewhere on the grid, it will have nipples. And everyone will have seen them.

Why so coy, then, about having them displayed in SL skin stores?

Is the assumption that a RL teenage boy is going to get some kick, some thrill, from visiting an SL skin store to ogle a photograph (not even a moving avatar) set of cartoon boobs? Really? Ah…come on, now. Get real.

No need to necessarily protect RL teenage girls, because they can see ’em, know what they look like, in the bathroom or bedroom mirror every day. So it’s not as if nipple pasties are there to protect the female, teenage, SL player.

Moving onto the clothes…well, many will have some sort of see-through element. Fishnet tops…shorts cut so tight in the design that, from certain angles, a vulva will practically and sometimes literally be displayed. Despite this, bloggers will follow the ‘no nudity’ rule. This perplexes me.

A dressed up avatar can be made to look, quite readily, like some sort of slut, some kind of fantasy figure, like an intangible movie star as portrayed in the media, a media zooming on ‘nips slips’ and ‘up skirts’ to sell papers. We can readily dress an avatar to replicate a particular look and, indeed, some SL designers willingly design things to shadow what has been worn on the red carpets of the world. Fine. That’s a commercial decision, so if you can design and build, go for it!

(And, indeed, I can readily be moved to purchase something that looks chic and fashionable…despite spending most of my SL time nude, I do have to dress up and go out into the wider grid sometimes, and it’s nice to look smart and fashionable. I would almost certainly be moved to spend some linden dollars on a replication of the dress Rihanna recently wore, for example. Because it appeals to me. It appeals to my sense of her pushing the boundaries in RL as I could, theoretically do in SL. Because the attitudes displayed might almost exactly mirror each other.

But within the SL naturist community, where being naked is the norm, as it is in the RL naturist community, the body ceases to be remarkable. No one I know within that community spends time ogling another’s pixelated private parts. The focus is on the conversation we’re having. But I can guarantee you that most of us who’ve played SL for any length of time will have tp’ed somewhere in something ‘sexy’ or ‘glamorous’ to meet a barrage of off-colour comments about ‘tits’ (or t*ts, if we’re going to follow the real world’s recent conventions on how they report these two fascinating, hypnotic things).

In the real world, clothes are a veneer on which many people can objectify women. Look at that actress on the red carpet…you can pretty much see she’s been waxed! These are the attitudes displayed. Look at that new item from x, y or z SL store…you can clearly see her nips through it!

But they won’t feature nudity. Weird, huh?

The question is, does designing such clothes and then going to ridiculous, extraordinary lengths to hide some nipples help to perpetuate that ‘objectification’ process. Does real life attitudes then become reinforced in the pixelated world? I think it does.

Sometimes, SL isn’t so much an ‘alternate’ universe’ as one wherein the often illogical, screwed-up attitudes of the real world are merely reflected.

I’m not going to single out any particular new dress/top/shop/blogger/designer, obviously. So I’m not going to upload a photo of an outfit I think meets these criteria in case someone identifies it. That’s not fair.

Instead, let me just point out that attempting to maintain a ‘no nudity’ blog and then feature that sort of clothing is, frankly, silly and hypocritical.

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Do my tits bother you?

Ho hum. Another day, another 24 hours of press hypocrisy.

I’ve picked this story up from the Irish edition of the British paper The Daily Mirror. 



Presumably some sort of reaction to her Instagram account being suspended subjected to server error, Rihanna appeared at some sort of awards ceremony (do any of us even care about a bunch of people congratulating one another?). Clearly her music’s not really for my demographic, but I ain’t going to criticise her for it. Viewed from a distance, it appears she knocks out at least an album a year, which is, in today’s work-shy music world, a punishing, almost 1960s release schedule.

Note how the paper is quite happy to show her t*ts, but can’t even bring themselves to spell the word out in full, as if we’ll all be confused by that errant asterisk. Anyway, more power to her as, yet again, celebrities ‘normalise’ the female breast. I think how celebrity tattoos helped normalise the (hideous) things in the world -my opinion being that there isn’t a man or woman alive who looks better for having one- and if this trend continues there’s a distinct possibility that the diaphanous and see-through mat yet hit the High Street.

I’m rather intrigued by this sudden rash of skin-related stories/incidents. Why, it’s as if the summer and the traditional media ‘silly season’ gets earlier every year.




Rounding up some weird, skin-related real life activity.

On another post, I quickly mentioned two or three eye-boggling real life naturist incidents which highlighted, for me, the need for constant vigilance in ensuring hard-won freedoms are maintained.


The first relates to the fall-out created by Instagram’s ‘no nipples’ policy. They defended their decision to rigidly censor (female) nipples by saying ‘Instagram must be safe for teens and adults’, as bland a platitude as I’ve ever heard.

1. If you’re an adult likely to be offended by the sight of a female nipple, you’re obviously too fragile and precious to live.

2. Teens won’t be coming to Instagram to see nipples. More likely they’re surfing the net for all manner of hardcore porn sites.

So in that respect Instagram haven’t really presented a considered, valid policy at all.

And Scout Willis has lasered her way into the hollowness of the argument by pointing out that Instagram seem perfectly at ease with ‘objectification’ photos captioned with demeaning phrases like ‘big titty broads’.

So…Instagram…you’re really keeping it safe for teens and adults there, covertly suggesting that your site is safe for people who may routinely refer to women as a ‘bitch’ and ‘ho’. They may not, of course, but ‘big titty broads’ suggests that they’re the type who does. I just wonder how many adults regard the place as ‘unsafe’ for them simply because they’re being subjected to this sort of misogynistic nonsense? Does Instagram want to make their site safe for women not to be demeaned by such language?

I have to confess that it was only in following these stories that I became aware Rihanna had previously had problems with Instagram and the cover of a magazine she posed for (I really should keep up with teenage culture a bit more).



Moral compass? Nipples, no. Fire-spitting death bringers? Instagram’s ‘awash’ with them. Allegedly.

Next? Portland police are offering advice to people who may be offended by Portland’s (night time?) World Naked Bike Ride. Or so I’ve read. The report I read here is written in a way that it’s hard to tell whether it’s an actual, serious reporting of this, or simply satire, such is the banality of the objections raised.



Clearly more dangerous than the television news.

“I’m not accostomed to seeing naked people,” said (resident) Kathy Goertz.

But I’ll be she, and any other of her neighbours, will have been subjected, practically daily, to images of (depending on these gentle souls’ ages), the napalming of Vietnam, 9/11, Iraqi dead in Bush War 1 & Bush War 2, the blood and gore or London’d 7/7 bombings, or the realer-than-real gruesome, graphic violence in, say, ‘Game of Thrones’ or any of those sensationalist, realer-than-real murder scenes portrayed, nightly, on television news or drama programmes. Which is preferable? Someone’s breasts or (largely hidden) genitals whizzing by in an instant? Or the harrowing descriptions of real life disasters played out on the news on a daily basis? Get a grip, people!

Finally, Eva Green has posed for a poster for a film called ‘Sin City 2’ (again, the name, to me, inferred it was a computer game, initially, but apparently it’s a movie). And, whoa! She’s shown ‘too much nipple’. Well…strictly speaking, the ‘curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown.’ As with the Portland Police reporting, the lines are blurred between what’s factual and what’s, theoretically, satirical. I mean, tell me you don’t think the reason provided for banning the poster isn’t the prose of someone still pissed at never having had their one and only soft-porn novel published.

I’m not seeing this monstrous, outrageous thing, readers. Are you?

The hardened cynic in me suggests that the storm whipped up about her nipple may just be more of a success than the film itself, but I’m not best placed to judge, not having stepped into a cinema in a dozen years or more (with the unlikelihood I shall ever do so again…I just don’t care enough about modern cinema. Too many explosions and not enough black and white for my liking).

‘I’ve been especially bad’, the tagline provided, might more reasonably be the performances of the director and cast…who knows?

I think, for me, the disturbing thing is that people focus on this sort of thing and work themselves into a lather about a nipple…nipples…a penis….a vagina…than they will about…well, let’s look at today’s (June 5th’s) main stories from around the globe. Three Canadian Mounties dead. Nigerian ‘preacher’ kills dozens. 200+ dead due to Ebola virus in Guinea. Yemenese attack kills 14. Sectarian violence in India. But no…people prefer to make tits out of themselves over the smallest, most inconsequential things.





Hello! (again)

I’ve just published our ‘Hello!’ style mag on Issuu.

You can read, and download, a copy of it, featuring Brenda from Eden Naturopolis, here.



Brazilian avatar Natalia poses for a forthcoming SL Naturist feature on Brazilian naturism (just in time for the World Cup!)