Not so desperately seeking employment



I quit my job today. Some weeks ago, I had become so stressed out by it that I ended up taking off the first sick time I’d had since leaving uni! And this week it got to the point where I couldn’t stick it any longer, and resigned this morning.

I mention this because it does, hopefully, mean an upswing in SLN postings. I’m happy to float through the summer if needs be, and beyond. The job had a fabulous salary, but all sorts of physical side-effects to go with it….the anxiety, the chest pain….I have two young children. I’d like to see them grow up, if you know what I mean.

Anyway…tomorrow is a clean slate, and I intend to mark some of that with an increased in world and blog presence. SL was a great decompressant during a period of exceptionally stressful employment. A great escape. My commitment to that remains the same. We still hope to be bringing you all the best news from around the SL naturist community (and RL naturist community). Stay tuned…


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