Sleeping in the sun (a Naturist Accessory posting)

howie boater_001b


Definitely one for the ‘Naturist Accessory’ category! 🙂

Howie passed this to me earlier. The pose and strategically positioned straw boater hat are a gift from Grafica as part of the ‘Men Only Hunt’ that’s going on right now. The clue is ‘like a gift, only lower’, and you’re looking for a glass of beer, the icon for all of the ‘Men Only’ hunt gifts.

Guys…you really need this one in your inventory! 🙂


Naturist Etiquette : Part Five

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Words & Photos by Pookes 


Models: Esme as the showering girl, Harry Leistone as ‘creepy photographer’ 😉 and Howie Lamilton (SLN’s publisher) as Diane’s dinner guest.

Locations: Su Casa Naturist, Howie Lamilton’s pool, the French Gay Naturist Zone and the ‘Naked’ sim.

If you’ve missed any previous parts to the Naturist Etiquette Guide, start here.

Naturist Etiquette: Part Four

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Words and photos by Pookes

Models: Alan and Gibby in the domestic situations, Henry as ‘uncircumcised guy’, Shav and Diego as the tattooed, pierced couple.

Locations: Eden Naturopolis, Alla Moda photo studio and Depoz for the domestic settings.

If you’ve missed Parts 1-3 of this Naturist Etiquette Guide, begin here.

You can also click here to take you to Part 5.