No d***s please, we’re a naturist site (?!?!)

I don’t, as a rule, visit naturist web sites unless for research or educational purposes. The purpose might be to see what a camping pitch costs per night, for example. But there are occasions when I either click-through to find a site that’s objectionable and not very ‘genuinely naturist’ in intent, or Harry will send me a photo, a graphic, or something else that he thinks might suit our purposes.

I was slightly shocked and appalled, therefore, to click through to a tumblr website recently which the owner had named in such a way that it appeared ‘genuinely naturist’, but there was a banner along the top which said he wouldn’t be showing any photographs in which ‘dicks’ were shown. (It’s safe to say the owner is certainly male).


A penis and testicles (or, strictly speaking, the owners of such items) form a good 50% of naturism. Possibly more than 50%, given that it’s harder to attract women to the naturist lifestyle.

rocio and tonton12_001b


According to some tumblr site owners, this is the sort of real life scene you aren’t going to witness on their sites.

So if you’re going to run a naturist website that is properly, genuinely naturist, then it’s only fair that presenting a balanced view of the lifestyle will and should include ‘dicks’. Alternatively, don’t present it as ‘genuinely naturist’, with a naturist themed name, and preferably name it as ‘naked women who may be on a beach’. Because that’s what is being offered.

rocio and tonton12_001-002v


Better to heavily crop a photo to keep ‘dicks’ out of the photo, because that really offers a true reflection on the naturist lifestyle….yes?

Honestly, this makes me as mad as those SL sim owners who will advertise their location as ‘naturist’ or ‘nudist’ and when you teleport into it you find that it’s little more than a cybersex sim with outlandishly sized penises and breasts displayed everywhere. And while cybersex is something I’ve never indulged in, I can just imagine the ‘erotic’ nature of the conversations, a series of monosyllabic grunts accompanying simulated, cartoon sex.

Another thing…these sort of real life tumblr site owners seem to then undermine their own argument if it’s a real life photograph of a girl performing oral sex. Maybe some tumblr site owners simply aren’t that smart…

Whether you’re running an SL ‘nudist’ sim, or running a ‘nudist’ tumblr site, you fellas need to get your act together.



4 thoughts on “No d***s please, we’re a naturist site (?!?!)

  1. I have a Sim on SL, and spend most of my time nude. But if I have to wear something, I have to remove my d***k and put on shorts (the d***K will show up outside the shorts) and wear just that, nothing more. I am called “barefoot hermit” in FB. Unfortunately, the d***k that is provided as part of a “free sim” is a strange shape that looks deformed and over sized. I have to modify is some to look less awkward. The “realistic” “d***k, cost money which I’m not sure is worth spending on for now. But one day I might. Look for me on SL as “barefoot hermit” and most likely, I’ll be nude.

  2. Yes, the penis must be hidden or ‘unattached’ while wearing clothes in SL. However, Midnight Lotus do a free, realistic penis called their ‘Chrome edition’ (you can pick it up at their main store, it’s located on a stool in the centre of the store, I just checked 🙂 ).

    It looks as realistic as the rest of their products, the one difference being that it’s ‘no functioning’, i.e it won’t become erect or let you pee or anything that more expensive items permit. That said, if it’s a complete, realistic look you want, and erections aren’t likely to be an issue at genuine naturist sims or, indeed, genuine real life naturist locations, then I’d recommend you check it out. It WILL, I promise, give an avatar a complete and realistic look.


    (PS I’m going to do a stand alone post on this, just to remind new avatars that a realistic look IS available).

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