Tanlines : A Naturist Accessory post

claudia tanlines_001b


Just a quick posting from me today. During my travels I found that the Black Pearl store has a number of free group gifts, including tan lines. Perfect now that the weather’s warming up, but we may not all have had an opportunity to go fully nude until we reach our naturist holiday destinations. Given the brevity of the ‘costume’ there can be little doubt that it’s designed for naturist locations. After all, a bikini is going to be covering up the minimal tan lines, so Black Pearl appear to have designed an item with the SL naturist community in mind.

The microkini worn while working up a tan must almost certainly have been a Wicked Weasel type. Tell me I’m wrong…


Next step…naturism?

microkiniMicrokinis not hiding very much. When it gets to this point, isn’t the logical way forward naturism?

Yes, we’ve all been in the situation where tan lines are visible, making the first days of our naturist holiday seem as if we’re new to the lifestyle. We’re not all lucky enough to live in a location, or with a secluded garden, where naturism can be practiced 24/7. Black Pearl’s gift is certainly an item that should be inside the ‘naturist accessories’ folder of your inventory.


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