Topless Tuesday

You’ll be aware of the ‘Topless Tuesday meme by now. There’s a flickr site dedicated to it, and several bloggers participate.

We’ve tried to participate before, but always ended up with our own, late version of it, usually ‘Topless Thursday’ 🙂

This time, we’ve delivered on time!

For the past week, we’ve had Harry and Diane out and about, taking photos to -for once in our lives- actually participate on the correct day. In the end I’ve limited it, today, to just a few horse-riding photos, but we’ll try and come back to this (on Tuesdays!) in future.

muschi tt3b horse called snowflake_001 muschi tt5b horse called snowflake with maria_001 muschi tt6b horse called snowflake with maria_001


Vera Playa, a model village



I stumbled across the photo above on the internet. It’s the naturist village of Vera Playa in Spain. At first I thought it was the creation of some model enthusiast, but apparently this is a real photo taken from a hang-glider which offers trips around Vera Playa and Garrucha, the neighbouring town. Whenever I’ve been there I’ve often seen it (and generally heard it first!)

I was impressed by the end result, however it was achieved. So…is there anything Harry or Diana could do to match it? 🙂

harry turtle1_001b
mmm, the numbers are never the same as Vera Playa’s beach containing literally hundreds of naturists, but it’ll do for a start. In the meantime, the clock’s ticking down and I haven’t a thing packed. Talk later!


Mango Island

Another naturist location for you, one I’ve been aware of for some time (it started up in February), but which I’ve not actually got around to reporting from, have anyone do a photo essay from, or anything else. Not an oversight, more of a constant backlog of posts which, in advance of my forthcoming RL holiday, I’m trying to clear before I go.

Mango Island (actually two separate locations, Mango and Mango Too) aren’t strictly speaking ‘naturist’ but ‘adult nude forests’, a factor Mango’s majordomo Cyndane acknowledges in a notecard relating to the island’s development. Regular readers will know that how much wrongly-titled locations irritate me and thus present a false impression of naturism, so I’m going to give Cyndane 10/10 for fairly and rightfully identifying this and actually doing something about it.

So if it’s ‘adult themed’ why is it on SLN?mango_001b

Precisely because of Cyndane’s intelligent and thoughtful approach to her sims.

Yes, there are cuddle/sex areas, and from what I can gather even areas allowing for multiple partner sex. So clearly SLN is away beyond our usual ‘comfort zone’ in these respects. And yet I’m drawn back to the concept of Mango because of Cyndane’s comprehensive notecard, one in which she outlines the do’s and don’ts of the place and takes a very firm caveat emptor approach. It’s not false advertising, it’s a God’s honest truth she’s laying out. There’s not really any reason to feel that you’re being ‘mis sold’ Mango.

And I like this. I like the brutal honesty involved to say ‘hey, you can use the place for pixel coupling, or you can also lead a naturist lifestyle here’. Because there’s very clear rules, there can be no confusion. You can come to wander, as nature intended, around a beautifully construct sim, or you can pop over there and bump pixels if that’s your preference. And the clear and thorough instructions, again, say don’t hassle anyone and if you’re harassed, report it!

So there should be no room for confusion.mango4_001b

Mango has a L$375 joining fee, which should keep those who can’t read, can’t read Cyndane’s rules, or think rules don’t apply to them, out, and thus make it a more peaceful, enjoyable place for those (like me) who wish to marvel at yet another fantastic SL naturist build (why is it that the naturist community appear to have a monopoly on great builders? 🙂 )mango7_001b

I haven’t joined, as yet, precisely because I’ve got that RL holiday coming up and I’m focussed on that for now (and its associated ‘Postcards from Spain’ series that will emerge next week) but I expect to add my name to the list, or maybe ask Pookes to pick up the mantle as our Mango reporter (we do like to have a presence in all of the naturist sims so we can report on events as they unfold) on my return from the Med.

If you’d like a tour, I suggest you check out a rather lovely 5 minute tour of the island, and marvel at its beauty, on youtube here.