A naturist package holiday?

Today’s (UK) Independent newspaper has a report on a ‘mainstream’ naturist holiday. A package tour, if you will, and once past the tired old cliches in the headings (‘grin and bare it’, ‘Beach Bums’) I’m delighted to report that Tristan Rutherford, the author, paints a beautiful picture of an idyllic holiday in positive, glowing terms.



Naked package holidays? Does this mean that naturism is finally going ‘mainstream’, as the Independent puts it?

Well, it rather looks as if what was once ‘niche’ vacationing may have reached a point where travel companies do see it as a viable business venture. It always was. Naturism has long been a preserve of an older generation, freed of mortgage and child responsibilities, often shorn of the sexual (yes, sexual) hang ups of a younger generation. As people get older they get more comfortable with their bodies, no long fixated on how big their penis is, how perky their breasts are, how ironing-board flat their stomachs are.

Now, though, the idea that you can essentially fly to pre-determined locations, with all accommodation, and car-hire thrown in as well, for a little over £500 ($850, 625 Euros) for a week’s holiday, with a plethora of excellent food and drink available, means that it just could open up to people who’ve never considered the option before. I hope so. As I keep repeating, it all becomes ludicrously normal after…an hour or so.

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