Cultural diversity(1) : A Greek island

No sooner have I mentioned (moaned) in a couple of posts about the lack of diversity than a bunch of them turn up at once!

Firstly, the Amazon rain forest, which we covered last week, makes a very welcome presence known in SL, and now we have two further ‘different’ type of sims turn up, the first being ‘a Greek island in the Cyclades called Sankonos’, and what looks, I think, as though it’s a Francophone-based island. I’ll try to confirm that, but there’s one or two French language sings (‘Douane’…customs) dotted around. Initially, then, I thought it might be a replication of somewhere like Sardinia, but having wandered around, it’s defiantly, definitely Greek. It looks delightful, a welcome replacement for the much-missed Mykonos sim we lost a while back. A terrific build full of winding alleyways, climbs, detailed cafes, whitewashed buildings. It looks superb. And, of course, there’s a beach. 🙂

I’m guessing Davo isn’t ‘naturist’ per se, but quite possibly naturist friendly, as long as we stick to the beach areas. As in real life, I’d fully expect the sim to replicate ‘lifestyle’, and be quietly accepting of, at the very least, topless sunbathing. The usual rules apply for naturists who may wish to use Davo: be sensible in how much you show off! Don’t tp into it nude, and if you’re going to go nude, choose sensible places to do it, such as its beach. But you’ll still want to throw on a bikini or board shorts to explore its extensive beauty. The sim is designated ‘Moderate’, incidentally, so let this be your guide.

There’s a guide to real life naturism on Greek Islands here. (Note: I got a ‘security warning’ on my computer when I visited the site to make the hyperlink. Please proceed at your own risk if you get the same).

Another site on Greek naturism (specifically Crete) is here.

And Vritomartis, possibly the best known naturist hotel in Crete, has its own website here.


We’re SLN! Of course we’re going to get in a bit of sneaky topless sunbathing!



But until we get some clarity on the dress code, I decided to keep the bikini top in place at times.


The natives are friendly, although the barman’s fishing sweater suggests that the locals idea of a hot evening differs from mine.


While this old gentleman was keen to show me a book on the history of Sankonos

donkey ride2_001b

You can take a donkey ride around Sankonos.

I do like sims that utilise ‘bots’. They add a sense of life, of movement, to a sim even when there’s no one else around. The sim was quiet when I visited (the early hours of SLT) but bots do give a sense of vibrancy.

All in all, it’s an excellent sim, beautifully built with its little back alleys, shops and so on, and one well worth visiting for photographic potential, naturist, semi-nude, or not. I recommend you visit the island of Sankonos at your earliest convenience.



Edited to add: The photo above is Mojacar, Spain, where I’m going next week. You can see how these typically Spanish narrow streets resemble the Greek styled sim, and why sims like this and the much-missed Mykonos always hold such appeal to me.

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