Cultural Diversity(2) : Dutch bulbfields

I make no apology for one or two recent posts drifting away from SLN’s ordinary ‘naturist’ brief, because I’m rather excited by the way in which builders are beginning to open up different vistas for us to enjoy and, I think, it rather points to people coming to the conclusion that ‘the financial depression’ of the past few years is now coming to an end.

Sims are now beginning to open up again that have no real earning potential, they just exist to look beautiful and enhance our SL experiences, such as this beautiful SL version of Holland.


We must be in Friesland, because those black and white cows are Friesians.


A beautiful Dutch scene, complete with old-style windmill, a canal, and bikes a-plenty around this gorgeous sim


Of course, the modern world impinges on this idyllic scene. Modern, ugly wind turbines blot the skyline across Europe.


A clever build. You can’t visit the polders, but the well constructed sim creates the impression of it going on forever!



This scene of a small harbour reminded me of Volendam or Marken.

‘Yes’, I hear you say, ‘but what has this got to do with SL Naturism?’

Not a lot…right now…but my perception on it is as other types of sim, built for their own sake, emerge, then further naturist locations will surely follow. So stay tuned for that in the coming months.

It also gives me an opportunity to point you in the direction of Dutch Naturist activities.

I’ve been to Holland several times and love it there. Being a keen cyclist, I’m always ready to hire a bike and take off out of Amsterdam, cycling along the dijks, or plentiful cycle paths. Or wander around places like Vondelpark in the centre of Amsterdam, where there are areas where sex, in public, is permitted (read the wiki link, though, for a full understanding of the legality of the situation). Does it happen? Yes. I’ve seen it happen. In the distance, discreetly, on a summer’s afternoon.

I’m not trying to suggest you replicate this in SL, however! I’m merely trying to point out that the cultural breadth of SL appears to be opening up again. And ultimately that will benefit those of us involved in the SL naturist community.


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