Let the holidays begin!

ella and bebe suitcases_001b


OK…my suitcase is packed. And tomorrow evening, just as the sun is setting, we should hopefully be arriving in Vera Playa, our resort for the next week. Here’s myself and Bebe posing for the camera, complete with hefty suitcases. You know, for people who don’t wear a stitch all day, we sure know how to pack a lot of stuff. Oh yes, that’s something of a joke in naturism. We arrive laden with….stuff!….clothes! (for the evenings)…and….more stuff!

Hopefully we’re going to give you a full week of reports, photos and the thoughts and diaries of my two non-naturist travelling companions, Bebe and Nanni.

One word of warning, though. As the TV satellite that served the British community with British TV in Spain was ‘moved’ recently (i.e. they took the signal off it, and moved it to another satellite, thus blocking out all British TV signals) people moved onto the internet to ‘stream’ their TV, this effectively killing off any sort of internet speeds. As far as I know people have bought new satellite dishes and the situation is much improved, but I’ll have to wait until I get there to see how good our internet is in order to get photo-heavy posts uploaded to the SLN site. We may have to move to a ‘lite’ version. Again, everything might be fine. We should know by day 1.

I’ll try and get some more of the backlog of posts cleared this evening, but other than that it’s ‘over and out’ from me until Monday, at some point. Look forward to seeing you then!


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