Postcard from Spain (2014-1-day1)

Safely arrived, and chilling with some wine on a balmy terrace. I should warn you that having tried to ‘phone home’ on our various devices, the signal is poor enough to ensure it’ll only be two of us -at a push- who can connect at any one time. So it’s unlikely there’ll be three of us sat around the table, all logged in, posing frantically for you all!

Indeed, even with only two of us trying to connect to SL, we’re getting ‘Ruthed’ and turning into clouds, so this will be a bit of a push over the next week or so.

We arrived shortly after the supermarkets had closed, so it was an immediate rush around to the naturist hotel to get a bottle of house red over the counter (and charged over the odds!). Still, beggars can’t be choosers…


I’m certain we’ll manage, somehow, to work our way around the difficulties.



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