Postcard from Spain (2014-1-Day2b) Monday

A humid morning, and the first couple of hours were spent getting ourselves up and about, and then off to the supermarket for provisions. We even had a few spots of rain! It was interesting to see Nanni and then Bebe check out the ‘sight lines’ and also grow more comfortable with a naturist environment.

People walking dogs, nude, swimming in our swimming pool, nude, and simply walk around, nude, led them to the conclusion that here it’s totally natural and commonplace. Once satisfied they couldn’t be overseen, particularly on the roof terrace, my two non-naturist friends then happily stripped bare to sit out in broken sunshine.

The love affair with tea continues, and there was a fairly constant shuffling between the roof terrace and downstairs into the kitchen to either make more tea or go for a pee. 😉

Bebe realised that, at the top of the staircase to the roof, there was a point where she could theoretically be overseen but even here, satisfied that hordes of men with binoculars weren’t hanging on her every move 🙂 she contentedly made her way down to the loo au naturel. Are they naturist yet? I wouldn’t say so. Dressing for the heat here, that is, dressing appropriately, wearing nothing, is one thing. Getting them to the pool or beach and them dressing in a similar fashion is something else again.

Of course, by this afternoon I was so hot and bothered that I opted for a swim in the apartment block’s communal pool. And cool and refreshing it was too! Bebe flat refused, but Nanni accompanied me to poolside, sarong wrapped around herself. When the moment came, in daylight, in a location where she could be seen (had anyone been watching) she opted to stay wrapped in her sarong and made her way back to the apartment, her daylight, public appearance still in front of her (maybe!).

The thing is not to push them as you wouldn’t push anyone in the same position in advance of their naturist debut. The ordinariness of it all, once past the initial fear factor, is something that needs to sink in, in their time, no one else’s.

As the ‘sting’ went out of the sun’s heat, and with the shadows beginning to lengthen, certainly to the point where there was a shaded side to every street, I opted for a walk down to the beach. It’s not overly busy, it must be said. Of course I went nude! My companions went wrapped in their sarongs. There’s nothing wrong with that, you often see ladies wear them for their trip to and from the beach, only to happily cast them off when they get to the beach. So they weren’t looking out of place by any stretch of the imagination.

When we got there Nanni simply burst out ‘This is fabulous! I want to be a part of that!’ 🙂

Bebe added ‘Me too, but maybe not today….’

Nanni’s sarong loosened considerably as we returned, and at one point, on one of Vera’s quiet back streets that runs parallel to the beach, she took it off with the idea that it was ‘slipping’, to stand, briefly, nude in the middle of a public street.

‘Oooh!’ she exclaimed, ‘it feels…weird…nice weird’. I thought she might just walk the remainder of the way nude, but she re-tied it and we walked back to the apartment.

The three of us then sat naked around the table on the terrace, shaded from the sun. I left the front door open to allow some circulation of air around the apartment. It was at this point a cheery shout of ‘Hola!’ came as Mr Keng & I’s neighbour, a German called Kurt, stepped in.

Kurt lives alone. There are, as far as I can tell, plenty of female friends who turn up. Whether the relationships are platonic or sexual, I neither know nor care.

Nanni made no move to cover her breasts, and her bottom half was hidden under the table. Bebe did squirm a little as she tried to position herself in a way in which her breasts were hidden behind folded arms. She also seemed a little uncomfortable with his casual nudity. Certainly, she’d witnessed some -quite a lot, actually- genitalia earlier in the day, but this was ‘up close and personal’.

I explained Mr. Keng’s absence, and the ladies’ presence. ‘Not naturist?’ he laughed. ‘By Wednesday…by Wednesday’.


kurt meets bebe


‘And, of course, I must greet you properly’, he smiled at my friends, meaning a kiss on each cheek.

Nanni got up and greeted Kurt, happily bare, by Bebe was a little embarrassed by it all. When he left, the conversation went thus:

Bebe: I found it weird. He was so….relaxed about it. Like he didn’t even notice.

Ella: He probably didn’t. It never occurred to me that ‘oh, I’m naked, greeting a naked man who isn’t my husband’.

Nanni: I loved the casual nature of it. It’s so….relaxed. Yes, it was totally strange and new to be greeting a naked man but I didn’t feel particularly embarrassed. If he’d been dressed, if he’d had shorts on, I think it might have been a much more cringing moment for me, but as were were both nude, in a naturist environment, it felt OK. I’m not sure I’m ready quite yet to walk down the street naked while cars drive by, but I think I could readily embrace this lifestyle.

Bebe: But his…bits…were in my face, nearly! (laughing).

Ella: next time, you won’t even notice his bits. Kurt’s a very intelligent guy. I’ll get him around for lunch if he’s free and you’ll be more impressed by his mind.


Postcard from Spain (2014-1-Day 2a)

Bebe snoozes on, but Nanni and I have already been out on the balcony with cups of tea (we’re British, we do tea, a lot!).

It was certainly warm enough to sleep nude on top of the bedclothes, and there seemed no point in putting anything on for our short trip to the balcony, so we’ve begun the day as naked as we’d like to continue for the next week. Nanni declared that with it being all girls together, and because it’s early, 700am and with no one around, and satisfied she’s not being overlooked by anyone, she’s happy enough to be nude. Whether this state of affairs continues into the day when there are others around remains to be seen. But it’s a promising start from one of my non-naturist companions!

ella and nanni_001b