Postcard from Spain 2014-1-Day 1c -St Juan’s Festival.



eve fire st juan2_001bI don’t know what it is, but it never seemed that crazy last year, the first time we’d seen it. Bonfires lit for midnight and, almost as if there was a silent signal, people up and down the beach began stripping and immersing themselves in the sea. What a gorgeous sight!

I’m guessing some didn’t even see themselves as ‘naturist’, just participants in St Juan.

All around me, in the darkness, couples, groups and single people were stripping off and going into the sea. I loved the entire concept!

We’d headed down, after an evening drinking beer(????), sarong clad near midnight. And it was a simple enough task to unknot mine and run into the sea, fully naked. What’s more, my two companions, in the presence and company of dozens, followed suit. Music was playing, the fires were burning, and we frolicked in the Med at midnight, naked together, giggling like schoolgirls.

A nude debut for both? Yes and no. Under cover of darkness, in a melee of nudity, it’s not exactly ‘nude in public’, but both were thrilled with what they saw as a naked, public debut. Even the reluctant Bebe.

As we returned to the apartment, the rain began. And stayed with us! I put on some music and found a new, naturist pleasure, that of dancing naked in the rain, each raindrop kissing my body. And as I did, the girls joined in. It was a beautiful moment.

We sat on the balcony, under a canopy, until 200am, talking quietly, drinking in the experience. Surely this is what life is all about?

The rain grew heavier, and each of us, in turn, would stand arms outstretched in the rain, smiling to ourselves. I note that, as the rain began, it suddenly turned more humid, and the sense of sweatiness in the air lent itself to this naked ‘rain dance’.

None of us wanted the evening to end. Indeed, we contemplated taking a naked walk, arms linked, to the beach, just to drink in the experience. In the end, more beer got opened and…well….that plan went unrealised.

When I look back on the experience, what do I recollect? A single naked girl, returning from the sea and her naked swim, to then dance among a crowd of strangers, all of whom were clothed, beside the bonfire. I recall several couples walk to the sea, peel off their clothing and dance in the waves for ages. I recall the night’s proceedings being led by a middle-aged woman, the very first to strip off where I was, and happily pose for photographs taken by her partner. I recall many, including ourselves, following her lead.

Eventually, around 200am, we called it a night, reluctantly.

I tell you what…it’s something I definitely want to be in Vera Playa for next year.

(note: the ‘postcards’ are intended to be ‘immediate and of the moment’, so there’s no time to contact Harry or Diane, and ask them to set up a ‘St Juan revelry’ type of shot, so I’ve illustrated this post using my rarely used ‘Eve’ alt. As the ladies are still snoozing, I can’t even get either of them to log in under my other alt’s ID -‘Adam’- in order to pose a couple by the fire. And I certainly haven’t got software that allows me to tweak a photo to make it look properly ‘midnight’…the photo’s setting is just set to ‘sunset’).



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