Postcard from Spain 2014-1-Day 2

Leaden skies to begin the day. And not much naturism in evidence, amongst us or others, because it’s rather chilly.

The idea that we’re going to be stripped off, that Nanni and Bebe are going to debut, seems far off right now.

But wait! By 100pm everything had changed. While there’s broken cloud, the sun and the heat are back with us, so Bebe and I walked down to the beach. It still isn’t amazingly busy, and there’s enough space to spread out, should you choose to have a beach day. I didn’t bother with a sarong or anything else, but Bebe covered up for the short walk.

Once there, the sea looked so inviting that I waded on in, Bebe left in charge of my glasses and sandals. She sat down and I splashed about for a bit, but when I returned her sarong had been rolled down and she was topless in public! I asked what had changed her mind about the ‘no way, never’ approach.ella and bebe_001b ella and bebe2_001c

‘In this environment it seems normal’, she shrugged. ‘I’m not altogether convinced that my bottom bits are going to see the sunlight in public, but I just had one of those ‘ah, to hell with it’ moments’

Bebe won’t mind me telling you that, for her, this is a huge, breakthrough moment, as she’s very self-conscious about her size. But…

‘There are bigger, flabbier women about and they’ve no apparent body issues. When I looked at it like that it seemed like no big deal to get my boobs out. Here, bare boobs are….totally unremarkable.’

One thing Bebe did notice, however, was the lack of pubic hair on the ladies. ‘There’s you, me and that girl over there’, she said, nodding at one early-20s woman. ‘Other than that, old women, middle-aged women, young women, they’re all bare down there!’

This is true. Pubic hair, here, is confined to some Spanish women, who aren’t quite as militant with the razor as the Germans, the British or the French. So there are some natural women around.

Ah, yes…SLN have previously reported that pubic hair is on its way back, but evidence in Vera Playa suggests this is not the case. The fashion remains, a few Spanish women apart to, as Bebe says, keep it bare down there.

We’ll come back to this in just a moment.

Where’s Nanni been all this time? Last we heard, she was heading for the supermarket ‘for some toiletries’, to be followed by a shower and spruce up. Yes, we were up late and yes, we all looked yuck this morning 🙂


nanni hairy_001b

How Nanni looked when Bebe and I went to the beach

nanni shaved_001b

How Nanni looked when we returned.

When we returned to the apartment we found Nanni, bottom half wrapped in her sarong. What have you been doing, we asked?

She looked slightly embarrassed before chuckling and pulling apart her sarong to reveal…a fully depilated vulva.

What? Why?

‘It’s the fashion’, she declared triumphantly. Fashion is never a good reason to do anything. ‘Everyone my age appears to be like this’, she gestured, and I thought….why not? It does feel a little strange to be without after…haha…forty five years, but I like the look, I like the…um…feel. It’s smooth and….oh…I just wanted to!’, she concluded, laughing.

Oh well…I shrug…I thought the three of us might reverse a trend, but hey…whatever you want to do.

What does the remainder of the afternoon and evening hold in store? Check back later to find out.


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