Postcard from Spain (2014-Day 2 afternoon)

So where did we more or less finish the day? (Bearing in mind that we’re just off out to dinner at 10pm!)

All three of us are now happily wandering around the apartment fully nude, but neither of my companions has made it to the pool in daylight yet, or the beach. I think it’s only at that point could we conceivably say that they’re ‘fully fledged naturists’. What did Kurt say? ‘By Wednesday’? He could be right!

Talking of Kurt, he turned up twice today. We have that sort of ‘open door’ policy, you see? First time all three of us ladies were nude, as was Kurt, and neither seemed remotely embarrassed by the fact. And why should they? You see? Within 48 hours and they’re already comfortable with the experience of communal nudity…at least on a one to one basis.

When he returned we were in various states of undress on our way out for an evening meal. By this stage Bebe was in her underwear, and after Kurt left she declared that ‘it was more embarrassing being caught in my bra and panties than it was chatting to him fully nude earlier’.

kurt and bebe_001bcbebe and kurt2_001b


My interpretation is that the ladies are thoroughly enjoying the experience, and while a proper debut lies ahead of us, I’m fairly confident that will come in time 🙂 Do I have two naturist converts on my hands?



(nb: as previously, I’ve no capability to get Harry to set up shots with models, so I’ve had to use my ‘Adam’ alt again to pose as Kurt. Bebe was logged in on her own computer to use her own avatar).

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