Postcard from Spain: the girls make some observations about naturism, and some trying naturism for the first time appear

So, ladies, half way through and I’d like your immediate thoughts on naturism and the lifestyle.

Nanni: I love it and can’t wait to try new things as the week goes on. I’ve got this feeling that I can’t really explain properly, like it’s filled in a bit of a jigsaw that was missing in my life, that it’s something I will readily do again. I think that it’s something we must do again.

What has been difficult?

Nanni: Nothing really. I think we came saying ‘no, we can’t do that’, but once immersed in the lifestyle here it all looks so natural and enjoyable, and you think ‘oh, no one cares’, there’s no sense of it being a sexual experience. I mean, we have probably been eyeing naked men up and down, and all penises aren’t the same size, but after a while you aren’t even paying attention to a man’s penis, or looking at a woman thinking ‘oh, her boobs are better than mine’. No one is really giving a damn.

Yet you decided to depilate yourself.

Nanni: Yes. Most of the women here have done so. I didn’t think ‘I need to follow the fashion’. The thought process was ‘I need to experience that feeling…does it feel better, worse, different.’ I’ve….hahaha…is this too much information at this time in the morning…run a razor over it this morning again just to keep it totally smooth. When I get home I’ll probably go back to normal, but while we’re here I’m even doing that as part of the overall naturist experience.

Immediate thoughts, Bebe?

Bebe: When I walked down to the bins this morning (you take rubbish to a communal bin on the street, emptied daily) there was an old man there, pubic hair shaved and some sort of jewellry around his bits…

..that’s a cock ring…I know the gentleman you mean…

Bebe: …a what????

A cock ring. Oh, how you’ve lived a sheltered life. Of course, I had to ask the same question several years ago, too.

Bebe: I’d have thought it was the domain of younger guys, not someone around 70 years of age.

It’s the nature of naturism. People find themselves in remarkable ways. Anything else?

Bebe: I don’t want to sound like I’m looking…but I’ve noticed a remarkable number of circumcised men. Aren’t we told that it’s a small percentage in Europe?

Let me google that…less than 20% in Europe, apparently.

Bebe: I’d say almost half the men I’ve seen are circumcised.

That 20% would include the RL Mr Keng.

Bebe: Oh! Haha…too much information. What I will say is that had he been here with us I would have found the situation much more difficult. It was fine us all getting naked, because if we’d gone swimming at home we’d have been naked in the changing rooms, so us getting naked here together wasn’t weird, although I was surprised when you had your clothes off before you’d even unpacked. But it would have been really, really weird if (Mr Keng’s RL name used here) had been here and he was naked and I was naked. Simply because we know each other, know each other socially. I have to say I’ve not seen many…well, any, if I’m correct, circumcised penises in life, so I was…haha…observing a little. And I think it’s a nicer looking penis, if I’m honest

Yeah, I think that too 🙂

My own observations, the sort of thing I’d be posting on were I not concentrating on my friends’ immersion into the naturist lifestyle are currently twofold. One, there’s a Spanish family in residence in the apartment block. Mum, Dad, an older teen boy, maybe 16, a younger girl, maybe 14, and another, younger son, maybe 10. They all swim in the pool, and the teen girl (not a scene I will be replicating for SLN) is that she’s ‘natural’, while Mum is shaved. I guess she’s just not at an age yet where she’ll be having that ‘Mum, I’m going to remove my pubic hair’ conversation. Maybe she won’t need to make that conversation in time, just do it. And maybe, next year on holiday, she’ll have made that hair choice and surprise the rest of the family. Or Mum will blithely accept their daughter is now ‘grown up’ (an odd thing that removing hair, which denotes puberty, could be seen as growing up). How do mothers and daughters have this conversation? How does it go? I know, in about 12 years time, it may be one I’m going to have. But maybe by that stage the fashion regarding a lack of intimate hair will have changed again.

Secondly, I was observing what was obviously a couple brand new to naturism over the past couple of days. I watched them appear at the adjacent apartment block’s swimming pool, our apartment overlooking it, as they -just like Nanni and Bebe- took their first steps towards public nudity. These events, over the past couple of days, are replicated, below. (as before, I’m having to use my ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ alts to replicate it, and have had Nanni log in on her computer, under my password, to set these scenes up).

adam and eve as newbies_001b

A clearly nervous couple arrived at the pool area, him in swimming trunks she, in reality, in a sun dress rather than the bikini I’ve posed her in for the purposes of SLN 

Having arrived in swimwear, for him, and a sun dress, for her, they found a corner of the garden around the pool area.

After some time, and with no one else to disturb them, they stripped. I wasn’t particularly people watching them, so I’ve no idea who led the way. I’m guessing it was the male of the couple, it’s almost invariably the male.

But whoever took the lead, the other partner willingly followed, and they lay face down, bottoms bared, breasts and genitals covered, as many newbie naturists do. But having determined that no one was going to disturb them, they opted to -probably for the first time in public, I wish I had seen that moment- go nude in the pool.

I’ve seen this so often over the years. That moment of anxiety and delight rolled into one.

They were still beaming with delight by the time I’d spotted them, in the pool and overwhelmed by sheer, smiling joy.

Lots of hugs and cuddles, some kissing, knowing they’d gone through a barrier of some kind.

adam and eve_001b

The newbie couple take to the pool, delighted to have embraced naturism. Why didn’t they do it years ago, they ask themselves.






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