Postcard from Spain (Thursday)

Yes, I know we’ve missed Wednesday’s postcard out. We were busy yesterday, so I’ve not had time to complete any photos I’d like to use, as that post (which will appear later today) is photo-heavy. I also need to get it published so there’s a day-to-day flow to the posts.

yoga sunrise


The three of us headed down to the beach, at 730am. The sun was just up, and there were a few people walking the beach or the occasional swimmer. I’ll come to that in our own ‘Thursday’ postcard later, but I couldn’t resist a separate post regarding a beautiful young woman who was doing yoga on the beach. She, unlike our model (me as ‘Eve’ again) was clothed for it, and I’m guessing she had been doing it for some time, possibly from before sunrise, hence her wearing clothes. She finished her routine, rolled up her yoga mat, and then undressed and went swimming. What a beautiful beginning to the day! What a beautiful relationship between naturism and nature!



edited to add at 830pm. We’ve been down to the beach for a walk, and she’s still there, with her family. Topless this time, but it looks like Mum and Dad and a couple her parents’ age are there too. Whether the presence of others (her parents’ friends) had a bearing on her keeping her bikini briefs on, I don’t know for sure, but I’m prepared to say that that is probably the case.

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