Postcard from Spain (Wednesday)

Whoops! Apologies for the titling of yesterday’s posts, which said ‘Day 2’ rather than ‘Day 3′. As a result I’ve decided not to utilise a numbering system that was clearly confusing me (maybe the sun’s gone to my head) and just reference the days of the week. And only one post, I think, today (apologies that I didn’t get it posted yesterday, but today…we had a busy day on Wednesday 🙂 ) from me, although I see a couple of Pookes’ postings lined up and ready to go. (Work away, Pookes. Hit the publish button).

All three of us were awake early this morning, so we walked down to a glorious sunlit beach at 730am. We took mugs of tea with us in insulated mugs and watched the very few dog walkers and beach walkers around. My friends wore their sarongs.

Our ritual has been to have two cups of tea (maybe three) while we contemplate what we’re going to do, so the call for a second tea was unsurprising. But….along with the cry for more tea came Nanni’s wish to go back to the beach with cup two. Without the protection of a sarong! Fully nude! Her debut! Bebe squirmed a little but decided that, well, OK, the time had come.

‘You don’t have to if you don’t want to’, I told her.

‘No…let’s bite the bullet. There’s not many people around. Let’s go for it!’, she gulped, clearly nervous.

It’s a shame we can’t get all three computers connected at once to replicate that scene for you. I promise that I’ll get the girls together next week (I’d planned a coffee morning as an ‘after holiday chat’ anyway, to allow them time to reflect on their experiences this week and give me their thoughts, as well as re-enacting the week’s events in what will be our ‘Spanish Holiday Photo Album’.

So…all three of us now totally nude, carrying mugs of tea, made it to the beach without encountering anyone else (it’s a three minute walk, not a hike!)

And the few on the beach barely gave us a second glance as we sat there. It was a lovely feeling to see my two non-naturist friends embrace the lifestyle for the very first time. Nanni was braver, wandering down to the water’s edge and paddling. A nude, male jogger came by, feet away from her. He probably didn’t even glance in her direction.

Not because she’s unattractive, but because it was as normal an event as a male jogger in your town jogging past any female. Totally unremarkable for him. How was he to know it was essentially (Kurt apart, essentially a ‘private’ event on the terrace) her very first time? That she was nervous and uncertain?

Bebe held back a little, but when he’d passed there was no one in either direction for a couple of hundred yards, so Bebe summoned up the courage to make her way down to the  shoreline too. And just as she did, a male appeared from behind me…left holding the cups…to walk straight down beside them and into the sea.

‘It was fine, it was lovely’, said Nanni, afterwards.

‘It was frightening for a moment, particularly when that guy appeared, but the world kept revolving and then I was fine. I’m not sure I wish to sit in a cafe, nude, just yet, but otherwise, no problems. Let’s move this thing forward!’.

Bebe agreed. The moment when the chap appeared from nowhere slightly unnerved them but, otherwise, they enjoyed it.

Nanni referred to it as ‘the magic hour’, when the beach is almost deserted and the sun is rising.

And it’s hard to argue with that.

nanni and bebe_001b nanni and bebe2_001b


Nanni and Bebe make their public nude debut on the beach just after sunrise on Wednesday morning


Despite this, neither lady felt ready for the beach in the middle of the day quite yet nor, indeed, the idea of even wandering down to the apartment’s pool area if other swimmers are around.

The remainder of Wednesday was quiet, a reflection on what they’d achieved and how far they’d come in 48 hours. Full nudity from dawn to dusk is now the norm between the three of us.

unknown guy

‘Unknown guy’ appears from nowhere and unnerves Bebe slightly

Working SL from my laptop is problematic, so I’ve not been able to upload all the SL photos I wanted to for this post. I’ll add them to our ‘Holiday Album’ when we return home.

For the remainder of Wednesday we simply chilled at the apartment, reading, listening to music and sunbathing. It clouded over around 5pm, and we imagined that rain might not be far away, so there came a point where we actually dressed! Fortunately, by 7pm, the cloud had blown over, and so the clothes came off again as we caught the evening’s sun again. I’ve pointed out to Nanni that there’s a second ‘magical hour’ when the sun is setting and there are, like the morning, fewer naturists on the beach. So we’ve promised ourselves that we will do that on Thursday evening.

Oh…guess who were first with the clothes off when the sun did re-appear? Hint: it wasn’t me! 🙂


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