Remember ‘Consuelo’?

Remember ‘Consuelo’?

Last year, she had appeared to be living with the gentleman, a man of more mature years, who lived in an adjacent apartment. The gentleman in question would come home from work every day, and sunbathe nude for a couple of hours. Last year this routine, for the first time in about five years, was disrupted with the appearance of ‘Consuelo’, who the RL Mr Keng and I thought was wavering between ‘will she, won’t she’ go nude.

The body language appeared to suggest that she was newly living there, and she’d put on a bikini to go to the nearby (nudist) beach. I dearly hoped she would fully immerse herself in the naturist lifestyle.

Sadly, it never happened. I heard today that she found it impossible to commit herself to naturism and the gentleman in question was forced to decide between her and a lifestyle he loved.

In the end, he opted for her, and they moved out! 😦

New people now reside in that apartment, a lady in her 70s and her daughter (I think) in her 30s. Neither have shown any inkling of being naturist yet.

consuelo dressed_001b


Oh Consuelo! Are you proud of yourself?


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