Hahaha! That was quick!

No sooner had I posted the ‘They Did it!’ post than Harry emailed me.

Here’s the text of it…

‘Hi (Ella), Remember that wager I offered and you wouldn’t take? When we passed the 200,000 views mark and I said SLN would reach 250,000 by Christmas? And you said no, it wouldn’t? I remember saying something along the lines of ‘if it does, you need a RL photo of yourself up on SLN’. And you turned down the bet!!!! In light of (Bebe’s) bravery in the most recent post, are you going to reconsider?????’

I hear you Harry. And you’re right. I didn’t take the bet on. But now you mention it…if I do it, will you?

Because after Nanni had taken the shot of Bebe, I went down to poolside too…and what I didn’t say in the previous post was that Nanni continued shooting. In fact, I asked her to do it. And so….for you, Harry, calling your bluff, hahaha, here’s a pic of me and Bebe by the pool. I, incidentally, am the one who has tanned….

eela:bebe Love, Ella.

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