Postcard from Spain: Friday afternoon’s mastectomy ladies.

Bravo, ladies! Very, very well done!

Not so much just ‘today’ but over the entire week, we’ve witnessed at least two post-mastectomy who have not allowed their cancer survival to affect their love of naturism. Again, I can’t really dial up Harry and say ‘sort it, will you?’ and expect that he gets it done so I can post ‘in the moment’.

So I’ve had to do these photos myself and, yes, use my own avatar to try and capture a sense of it in each occasion.

ella towel_001b

The first lady, in typically naturist fashion, draped a towel over her missing boob.

ella towel2_001b


The second lady has simply worn a bikini top and nothing else. Yes you can see the outline of boobs in my photo, but this mini-bikini top was in place over her flat chest. I only noticed she had had a mastectomy when she took the top off in a quiet corner of the pool area.

Well done ladies, I salute you both! 🙂



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