Postcard from Spain : Friday morning’s naked families

A quiet morning in for us, apart from a now daily routine of making it to the beach around sunrise, now all quite nude. The girls haven’t made it to the pool yet in daylight while others have been around, nor to the beach. And the only reason we haven’t done so is because we’re having a ‘respite day’ from the ferocity of the sun. You have to pace these things!

Anyway, this morning’s observation is our own pool, with three generations of Spanish naturism sitting on the pool apron.

Gran, Grandpa, Mum and Dad and two small children.

Again not a scene I can or would replicate for SLN, but simply beautiful in an easy acceptance of their naked state. What’s more, Mum’s taking photos of the scene. How great will they look in the family album?

As they departed the pool another Spanish family returned from the beach. Mum, Dad and late teenage son. Once again, total acceptance of their naked bodies, the teenage son’s body acceptance and understanding of what a naked woman looks like (be it his mother or any of the women on the beach) will probably have fostered more of a respect for women. Stripped of ‘the great unknown’, quite literally, his teenage years will probably not have been blighted of a hunger to see what a naked woman looks like.

Now that our son can sort of hold a camera and be trusted not to drop it, we sometimes get him to take photographs of us when we’re on holiday. And if the RL Mr Keng and I kiss, the children say ‘Eugh! Mum and Dad are kissing!’ It’s never a case of ‘Mum and Dad are naked!’ That Spanish family’s children will grow up the same way. Proper, naturist parenting with proper body acceptance learned at an early age.




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