Postcard from Spain : They did it! :)

Well, we’re just back from the beach. Quite a busy beach! I forgot it was Friday. The weekend! The Spanish who own houses here drive down for the weekend and waste no time in getting their kit off and onto the playa (or the urbanisation swimming pools).

The ‘village’ (the zona naturista) takes on a different atmosphere at weekends now that school’s out for summer.

So when we got there…the beach was busy! Very busy! If the girls had said ‘we fancy easing ourselves in more, we’re happy with half a dozen people in the mornings, but a couple of hundred is a bit overwhelming’, I’d have accepted it. But give them their dues, they made it there, nude, swam nude and returned home nude.

And when we got back to the complex there were a number of people in and around the pool. Neither Nanni or Bebe flinched and walked on, naked and unconcerned. Girls…you’re fully fledged naturists! You can tell me next week how you enjoyed it. (And we’re not finished yet!).

Bebe was enjoying it greatly, and threw her towel out on the grass to sunbathe while Nanni and I made our way back to the apartment. Once there, Nanni whipped out her camera and clicked off a shot of Bebe on the grass.

To my utter astonishment, Bebe says ‘there’s your shot for this post, Ella!’, thrilled and delighted at the photo. Apart from the photos each of them got with Kurt, I don’t think we’ve bothered with cameras until now. And we aren’t going to be filling memory cards with photos of each other in the nude!

‘Are you sure?’ I asked Bebe. ‘Once up there, I lose control. You could be all over the internet for years!’ (which is why I have always been exceptionally careful about my photos being used anywhere -although there are one or two out there folks! 🙂 )

‘I don’t care. It’s a lovely memory of a lovely holiday, and you can’t see my face. It’s just my bum! But I’ll know it’s me if it turns up on the internet when I’m 80! Post it! Post it!’ (Nanni also took one or two others of Bebe ‘sunny side up’, if you know what I mean, but these reside with Bebe forevermore).

And so….drum roll…a first for SLN. A real life photo of a staff associate. Bebe, I stand (naked) to applaud your bravery. You go, girl! 🙂




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