Profiles and Profile photos

I was thinking about this the other day, and concluded that my profile (and photo) needed upgrading. How long since you upgraded yours? Ever even written yours?

It used to be, when I started in SL, that everyone read everyone else’s profiles. It was important, because it would often make the difference between striking up a conversation with someone, or continuing one, and not.

A profile would often give some indication whether or not a person had something ticking away in the grey matter, or if they were an airhead.

I’ve IM’ed Ella this morning to see if we, the staff of SLN, would have some kind of common profile pic, and also see to it that our profiles reference SLN. For example…



And by way of comparison…

ella poppies_001b


These, incidentally, are shots I did of Ella (and I did a few of myself) for an SLN project that was never published. But hopefully we can come up with something in the next days to properly reflect who we are in SL.

Uploading a profile pic costs L$10. Writing something interesting about yourself costs nothing. Maybe it’s time you looked at your own profile and see if it is a proper reflection on who you are in your fantasy, Second Life.




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