Remember ‘Consuelo’?

Remember ‘Consuelo’?

Last year, she had appeared to be living with the gentleman, a man of more mature years, who lived in an adjacent apartment. The gentleman in question would come home from work every day, and sunbathe nude for a couple of hours. Last year this routine, for the first time in about five years, was disrupted with the appearance of ‘Consuelo’, who the RL Mr Keng and I thought was wavering between ‘will she, won’t she’ go nude.

The body language appeared to suggest that she was newly living there, and she’d put on a bikini to go to the nearby (nudist) beach. I dearly hoped she would fully immerse herself in the naturist lifestyle.

Sadly, it never happened. I heard today that she found it impossible to commit herself to naturism and the gentleman in question was forced to decide between her and a lifestyle he loved.

In the end, he opted for her, and they moved out! 😦

New people now reside in that apartment, a lady in her 70s and her daughter (I think) in her 30s. Neither have shown any inkling of being naturist yet.

consuelo dressed_001b


Oh Consuelo! Are you proud of yourself?


Postcard from Spain: the girls make some observations about naturism, and some trying naturism for the first time appear

So, ladies, half way through and I’d like your immediate thoughts on naturism and the lifestyle.

Nanni: I love it and can’t wait to try new things as the week goes on. I’ve got this feeling that I can’t really explain properly, like it’s filled in a bit of a jigsaw that was missing in my life, that it’s something I will readily do again. I think that it’s something we must do again.

What has been difficult?

Nanni: Nothing really. I think we came saying ‘no, we can’t do that’, but once immersed in the lifestyle here it all looks so natural and enjoyable, and you think ‘oh, no one cares’, there’s no sense of it being a sexual experience. I mean, we have probably been eyeing naked men up and down, and all penises aren’t the same size, but after a while you aren’t even paying attention to a man’s penis, or looking at a woman thinking ‘oh, her boobs are better than mine’. No one is really giving a damn.

Yet you decided to depilate yourself.

Nanni: Yes. Most of the women here have done so. I didn’t think ‘I need to follow the fashion’. The thought process was ‘I need to experience that feeling…does it feel better, worse, different.’ I’ve….hahaha…is this too much information at this time in the morning…run a razor over it this morning again just to keep it totally smooth. When I get home I’ll probably go back to normal, but while we’re here I’m even doing that as part of the overall naturist experience.

Immediate thoughts, Bebe?

Bebe: When I walked down to the bins this morning (you take rubbish to a communal bin on the street, emptied daily) there was an old man there, pubic hair shaved and some sort of jewellry around his bits…

..that’s a cock ring…I know the gentleman you mean…

Bebe: …a what????

A cock ring. Oh, how you’ve lived a sheltered life. Of course, I had to ask the same question several years ago, too.

Bebe: I’d have thought it was the domain of younger guys, not someone around 70 years of age.

It’s the nature of naturism. People find themselves in remarkable ways. Anything else?

Bebe: I don’t want to sound like I’m looking…but I’ve noticed a remarkable number of circumcised men. Aren’t we told that it’s a small percentage in Europe?

Let me google that…less than 20% in Europe, apparently.

Bebe: I’d say almost half the men I’ve seen are circumcised.

That 20% would include the RL Mr Keng.

Bebe: Oh! Haha…too much information. What I will say is that had he been here with us I would have found the situation much more difficult. It was fine us all getting naked, because if we’d gone swimming at home we’d have been naked in the changing rooms, so us getting naked here together wasn’t weird, although I was surprised when you had your clothes off before you’d even unpacked. But it would have been really, really weird if (Mr Keng’s RL name used here) had been here and he was naked and I was naked. Simply because we know each other, know each other socially. I have to say I’ve not seen many…well, any, if I’m correct, circumcised penises in life, so I was…haha…observing a little. And I think it’s a nicer looking penis, if I’m honest

Yeah, I think that too 🙂

My own observations, the sort of thing I’d be posting on were I not concentrating on my friends’ immersion into the naturist lifestyle are currently twofold. One, there’s a Spanish family in residence in the apartment block. Mum, Dad, an older teen boy, maybe 16, a younger girl, maybe 14, and another, younger son, maybe 10. They all swim in the pool, and the teen girl (not a scene I will be replicating for SLN) is that she’s ‘natural’, while Mum is shaved. I guess she’s just not at an age yet where she’ll be having that ‘Mum, I’m going to remove my pubic hair’ conversation. Maybe she won’t need to make that conversation in time, just do it. And maybe, next year on holiday, she’ll have made that hair choice and surprise the rest of the family. Or Mum will blithely accept their daughter is now ‘grown up’ (an odd thing that removing hair, which denotes puberty, could be seen as growing up). How do mothers and daughters have this conversation? How does it go? I know, in about 12 years time, it may be one I’m going to have. But maybe by that stage the fashion regarding a lack of intimate hair will have changed again.

Secondly, I was observing what was obviously a couple brand new to naturism over the past couple of days. I watched them appear at the adjacent apartment block’s swimming pool, our apartment overlooking it, as they -just like Nanni and Bebe- took their first steps towards public nudity. These events, over the past couple of days, are replicated, below. (as before, I’m having to use my ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ alts to replicate it, and have had Nanni log in on her computer, under my password, to set these scenes up).

adam and eve as newbies_001b

A clearly nervous couple arrived at the pool area, him in swimming trunks she, in reality, in a sun dress rather than the bikini I’ve posed her in for the purposes of SLN 

Having arrived in swimwear, for him, and a sun dress, for her, they found a corner of the garden around the pool area.

After some time, and with no one else to disturb them, they stripped. I wasn’t particularly people watching them, so I’ve no idea who led the way. I’m guessing it was the male of the couple, it’s almost invariably the male.

But whoever took the lead, the other partner willingly followed, and they lay face down, bottoms bared, breasts and genitals covered, as many newbie naturists do. But having determined that no one was going to disturb them, they opted to -probably for the first time in public, I wish I had seen that moment- go nude in the pool.

I’ve seen this so often over the years. That moment of anxiety and delight rolled into one.

They were still beaming with delight by the time I’d spotted them, in the pool and overwhelmed by sheer, smiling joy.

Lots of hugs and cuddles, some kissing, knowing they’d gone through a barrier of some kind.

adam and eve_001b

The newbie couple take to the pool, delighted to have embraced naturism. Why didn’t they do it years ago, they ask themselves.






Postcard from Spain (Wednesday)

Whoops! Apologies for the titling of yesterday’s posts, which said ‘Day 2’ rather than ‘Day 3′. As a result I’ve decided not to utilise a numbering system that was clearly confusing me (maybe the sun’s gone to my head) and just reference the days of the week. And only one post, I think, today (apologies that I didn’t get it posted yesterday, but today…we had a busy day on Wednesday 🙂 ) from me, although I see a couple of Pookes’ postings lined up and ready to go. (Work away, Pookes. Hit the publish button).

All three of us were awake early this morning, so we walked down to a glorious sunlit beach at 730am. We took mugs of tea with us in insulated mugs and watched the very few dog walkers and beach walkers around. My friends wore their sarongs.

Our ritual has been to have two cups of tea (maybe three) while we contemplate what we’re going to do, so the call for a second tea was unsurprising. But….along with the cry for more tea came Nanni’s wish to go back to the beach with cup two. Without the protection of a sarong! Fully nude! Her debut! Bebe squirmed a little but decided that, well, OK, the time had come.

‘You don’t have to if you don’t want to’, I told her.

‘No…let’s bite the bullet. There’s not many people around. Let’s go for it!’, she gulped, clearly nervous.

It’s a shame we can’t get all three computers connected at once to replicate that scene for you. I promise that I’ll get the girls together next week (I’d planned a coffee morning as an ‘after holiday chat’ anyway, to allow them time to reflect on their experiences this week and give me their thoughts, as well as re-enacting the week’s events in what will be our ‘Spanish Holiday Photo Album’.

So…all three of us now totally nude, carrying mugs of tea, made it to the beach without encountering anyone else (it’s a three minute walk, not a hike!)

And the few on the beach barely gave us a second glance as we sat there. It was a lovely feeling to see my two non-naturist friends embrace the lifestyle for the very first time. Nanni was braver, wandering down to the water’s edge and paddling. A nude, male jogger came by, feet away from her. He probably didn’t even glance in her direction.

Not because she’s unattractive, but because it was as normal an event as a male jogger in your town jogging past any female. Totally unremarkable for him. How was he to know it was essentially (Kurt apart, essentially a ‘private’ event on the terrace) her very first time? That she was nervous and uncertain?

Bebe held back a little, but when he’d passed there was no one in either direction for a couple of hundred yards, so Bebe summoned up the courage to make her way down to the  shoreline too. And just as she did, a male appeared from behind me…left holding the cups…to walk straight down beside them and into the sea.

‘It was fine, it was lovely’, said Nanni, afterwards.

‘It was frightening for a moment, particularly when that guy appeared, but the world kept revolving and then I was fine. I’m not sure I wish to sit in a cafe, nude, just yet, but otherwise, no problems. Let’s move this thing forward!’.

Bebe agreed. The moment when the chap appeared from nowhere slightly unnerved them but, otherwise, they enjoyed it.

Nanni referred to it as ‘the magic hour’, when the beach is almost deserted and the sun is rising.

And it’s hard to argue with that.

nanni and bebe_001b nanni and bebe2_001b


Nanni and Bebe make their public nude debut on the beach just after sunrise on Wednesday morning


Despite this, neither lady felt ready for the beach in the middle of the day quite yet nor, indeed, the idea of even wandering down to the apartment’s pool area if other swimmers are around.

The remainder of Wednesday was quiet, a reflection on what they’d achieved and how far they’d come in 48 hours. Full nudity from dawn to dusk is now the norm between the three of us.

unknown guy

‘Unknown guy’ appears from nowhere and unnerves Bebe slightly

Working SL from my laptop is problematic, so I’ve not been able to upload all the SL photos I wanted to for this post. I’ll add them to our ‘Holiday Album’ when we return home.

For the remainder of Wednesday we simply chilled at the apartment, reading, listening to music and sunbathing. It clouded over around 5pm, and we imagined that rain might not be far away, so there came a point where we actually dressed! Fortunately, by 7pm, the cloud had blown over, and so the clothes came off again as we caught the evening’s sun again. I’ve pointed out to Nanni that there’s a second ‘magical hour’ when the sun is setting and there are, like the morning, fewer naturists on the beach. So we’ve promised ourselves that we will do that on Thursday evening.

Oh…guess who were first with the clothes off when the sun did re-appear? Hint: it wasn’t me! 🙂


Postcard from Spain (Thursday)

Yes, I know we’ve missed Wednesday’s postcard out. We were busy yesterday, so I’ve not had time to complete any photos I’d like to use, as that post (which will appear later today) is photo-heavy. I also need to get it published so there’s a day-to-day flow to the posts.

yoga sunrise


The three of us headed down to the beach, at 730am. The sun was just up, and there were a few people walking the beach or the occasional swimmer. I’ll come to that in our own ‘Thursday’ postcard later, but I couldn’t resist a separate post regarding a beautiful young woman who was doing yoga on the beach. She, unlike our model (me as ‘Eve’ again) was clothed for it, and I’m guessing she had been doing it for some time, possibly from before sunrise, hence her wearing clothes. She finished her routine, rolled up her yoga mat, and then undressed and went swimming. What a beautiful beginning to the day! What a beautiful relationship between naturism and nature!



edited to add at 830pm. We’ve been down to the beach for a walk, and she’s still there, with her family. Topless this time, but it looks like Mum and Dad and a couple her parents’ age are there too. Whether the presence of others (her parents’ friends) had a bearing on her keeping her bikini briefs on, I don’t know for sure, but I’m prepared to say that that is probably the case.

Postcard from Spain (2014-Day 2 afternoon)

So where did we more or less finish the day? (Bearing in mind that we’re just off out to dinner at 10pm!)

All three of us are now happily wandering around the apartment fully nude, but neither of my companions has made it to the pool in daylight yet, or the beach. I think it’s only at that point could we conceivably say that they’re ‘fully fledged naturists’. What did Kurt say? ‘By Wednesday’? He could be right!

Talking of Kurt, he turned up twice today. We have that sort of ‘open door’ policy, you see? First time all three of us ladies were nude, as was Kurt, and neither seemed remotely embarrassed by the fact. And why should they? You see? Within 48 hours and they’re already comfortable with the experience of communal nudity…at least on a one to one basis.

When he returned we were in various states of undress on our way out for an evening meal. By this stage Bebe was in her underwear, and after Kurt left she declared that ‘it was more embarrassing being caught in my bra and panties than it was chatting to him fully nude earlier’.

kurt and bebe_001bcbebe and kurt2_001b


My interpretation is that the ladies are thoroughly enjoying the experience, and while a proper debut lies ahead of us, I’m fairly confident that will come in time 🙂 Do I have two naturist converts on my hands?



(nb: as previously, I’ve no capability to get Harry to set up shots with models, so I’ve had to use my ‘Adam’ alt again to pose as Kurt. Bebe was logged in on her own computer to use her own avatar).

Postcard from Spain 2014-1-Day 2

Leaden skies to begin the day. And not much naturism in evidence, amongst us or others, because it’s rather chilly.

The idea that we’re going to be stripped off, that Nanni and Bebe are going to debut, seems far off right now.

But wait! By 100pm everything had changed. While there’s broken cloud, the sun and the heat are back with us, so Bebe and I walked down to the beach. It still isn’t amazingly busy, and there’s enough space to spread out, should you choose to have a beach day. I didn’t bother with a sarong or anything else, but Bebe covered up for the short walk.

Once there, the sea looked so inviting that I waded on in, Bebe left in charge of my glasses and sandals. She sat down and I splashed about for a bit, but when I returned her sarong had been rolled down and she was topless in public! I asked what had changed her mind about the ‘no way, never’ approach.ella and bebe_001b ella and bebe2_001c

‘In this environment it seems normal’, she shrugged. ‘I’m not altogether convinced that my bottom bits are going to see the sunlight in public, but I just had one of those ‘ah, to hell with it’ moments’

Bebe won’t mind me telling you that, for her, this is a huge, breakthrough moment, as she’s very self-conscious about her size. But…

‘There are bigger, flabbier women about and they’ve no apparent body issues. When I looked at it like that it seemed like no big deal to get my boobs out. Here, bare boobs are….totally unremarkable.’

One thing Bebe did notice, however, was the lack of pubic hair on the ladies. ‘There’s you, me and that girl over there’, she said, nodding at one early-20s woman. ‘Other than that, old women, middle-aged women, young women, they’re all bare down there!’

This is true. Pubic hair, here, is confined to some Spanish women, who aren’t quite as militant with the razor as the Germans, the British or the French. So there are some natural women around.

Ah, yes…SLN have previously reported that pubic hair is on its way back, but evidence in Vera Playa suggests this is not the case. The fashion remains, a few Spanish women apart to, as Bebe says, keep it bare down there.

We’ll come back to this in just a moment.

Where’s Nanni been all this time? Last we heard, she was heading for the supermarket ‘for some toiletries’, to be followed by a shower and spruce up. Yes, we were up late and yes, we all looked yuck this morning 🙂


nanni hairy_001b

How Nanni looked when Bebe and I went to the beach

nanni shaved_001b

How Nanni looked when we returned.

When we returned to the apartment we found Nanni, bottom half wrapped in her sarong. What have you been doing, we asked?

She looked slightly embarrassed before chuckling and pulling apart her sarong to reveal…a fully depilated vulva.

What? Why?

‘It’s the fashion’, she declared triumphantly. Fashion is never a good reason to do anything. ‘Everyone my age appears to be like this’, she gestured, and I thought….why not? It does feel a little strange to be without after…haha…forty five years, but I like the look, I like the…um…feel. It’s smooth and….oh…I just wanted to!’, she concluded, laughing.

Oh well…I shrug…I thought the three of us might reverse a trend, but hey…whatever you want to do.

What does the remainder of the afternoon and evening hold in store? Check back later to find out.


Postcard from Spain 2014-1-Day 1c -St Juan’s Festival.



eve fire st juan2_001bI don’t know what it is, but it never seemed that crazy last year, the first time we’d seen it. Bonfires lit for midnight and, almost as if there was a silent signal, people up and down the beach began stripping and immersing themselves in the sea. What a gorgeous sight!

I’m guessing some didn’t even see themselves as ‘naturist’, just participants in St Juan.

All around me, in the darkness, couples, groups and single people were stripping off and going into the sea. I loved the entire concept!

We’d headed down, after an evening drinking beer(????), sarong clad near midnight. And it was a simple enough task to unknot mine and run into the sea, fully naked. What’s more, my two companions, in the presence and company of dozens, followed suit. Music was playing, the fires were burning, and we frolicked in the Med at midnight, naked together, giggling like schoolgirls.

A nude debut for both? Yes and no. Under cover of darkness, in a melee of nudity, it’s not exactly ‘nude in public’, but both were thrilled with what they saw as a naked, public debut. Even the reluctant Bebe.

As we returned to the apartment, the rain began. And stayed with us! I put on some music and found a new, naturist pleasure, that of dancing naked in the rain, each raindrop kissing my body. And as I did, the girls joined in. It was a beautiful moment.

We sat on the balcony, under a canopy, until 200am, talking quietly, drinking in the experience. Surely this is what life is all about?

The rain grew heavier, and each of us, in turn, would stand arms outstretched in the rain, smiling to ourselves. I note that, as the rain began, it suddenly turned more humid, and the sense of sweatiness in the air lent itself to this naked ‘rain dance’.

None of us wanted the evening to end. Indeed, we contemplated taking a naked walk, arms linked, to the beach, just to drink in the experience. In the end, more beer got opened and…well….that plan went unrealised.

When I look back on the experience, what do I recollect? A single naked girl, returning from the sea and her naked swim, to then dance among a crowd of strangers, all of whom were clothed, beside the bonfire. I recall several couples walk to the sea, peel off their clothing and dance in the waves for ages. I recall the night’s proceedings being led by a middle-aged woman, the very first to strip off where I was, and happily pose for photographs taken by her partner. I recall many, including ourselves, following her lead.

Eventually, around 200am, we called it a night, reluctantly.

I tell you what…it’s something I definitely want to be in Vera Playa for next year.

(note: the ‘postcards’ are intended to be ‘immediate and of the moment’, so there’s no time to contact Harry or Diane, and ask them to set up a ‘St Juan revelry’ type of shot, so I’ve illustrated this post using my rarely used ‘Eve’ alt. As the ladies are still snoozing, I can’t even get either of them to log in under my other alt’s ID -‘Adam’- in order to pose a couple by the fire. And I certainly haven’t got software that allows me to tweak a photo to make it look properly ‘midnight’…the photo’s setting is just set to ‘sunset’).



Postcard from Spain (2014-1-Day2b) Monday

A humid morning, and the first couple of hours were spent getting ourselves up and about, and then off to the supermarket for provisions. We even had a few spots of rain! It was interesting to see Nanni and then Bebe check out the ‘sight lines’ and also grow more comfortable with a naturist environment.

People walking dogs, nude, swimming in our swimming pool, nude, and simply walk around, nude, led them to the conclusion that here it’s totally natural and commonplace. Once satisfied they couldn’t be overseen, particularly on the roof terrace, my two non-naturist friends then happily stripped bare to sit out in broken sunshine.

The love affair with tea continues, and there was a fairly constant shuffling between the roof terrace and downstairs into the kitchen to either make more tea or go for a pee. 😉

Bebe realised that, at the top of the staircase to the roof, there was a point where she could theoretically be overseen but even here, satisfied that hordes of men with binoculars weren’t hanging on her every move 🙂 she contentedly made her way down to the loo au naturel. Are they naturist yet? I wouldn’t say so. Dressing for the heat here, that is, dressing appropriately, wearing nothing, is one thing. Getting them to the pool or beach and them dressing in a similar fashion is something else again.

Of course, by this afternoon I was so hot and bothered that I opted for a swim in the apartment block’s communal pool. And cool and refreshing it was too! Bebe flat refused, but Nanni accompanied me to poolside, sarong wrapped around herself. When the moment came, in daylight, in a location where she could be seen (had anyone been watching) she opted to stay wrapped in her sarong and made her way back to the apartment, her daylight, public appearance still in front of her (maybe!).

The thing is not to push them as you wouldn’t push anyone in the same position in advance of their naturist debut. The ordinariness of it all, once past the initial fear factor, is something that needs to sink in, in their time, no one else’s.

As the ‘sting’ went out of the sun’s heat, and with the shadows beginning to lengthen, certainly to the point where there was a shaded side to every street, I opted for a walk down to the beach. It’s not overly busy, it must be said. Of course I went nude! My companions went wrapped in their sarongs. There’s nothing wrong with that, you often see ladies wear them for their trip to and from the beach, only to happily cast them off when they get to the beach. So they weren’t looking out of place by any stretch of the imagination.

When we got there Nanni simply burst out ‘This is fabulous! I want to be a part of that!’ 🙂

Bebe added ‘Me too, but maybe not today….’

Nanni’s sarong loosened considerably as we returned, and at one point, on one of Vera’s quiet back streets that runs parallel to the beach, she took it off with the idea that it was ‘slipping’, to stand, briefly, nude in the middle of a public street.

‘Oooh!’ she exclaimed, ‘it feels…weird…nice weird’. I thought she might just walk the remainder of the way nude, but she re-tied it and we walked back to the apartment.

The three of us then sat naked around the table on the terrace, shaded from the sun. I left the front door open to allow some circulation of air around the apartment. It was at this point a cheery shout of ‘Hola!’ came as Mr Keng & I’s neighbour, a German called Kurt, stepped in.

Kurt lives alone. There are, as far as I can tell, plenty of female friends who turn up. Whether the relationships are platonic or sexual, I neither know nor care.

Nanni made no move to cover her breasts, and her bottom half was hidden under the table. Bebe did squirm a little as she tried to position herself in a way in which her breasts were hidden behind folded arms. She also seemed a little uncomfortable with his casual nudity. Certainly, she’d witnessed some -quite a lot, actually- genitalia earlier in the day, but this was ‘up close and personal’.

I explained Mr. Keng’s absence, and the ladies’ presence. ‘Not naturist?’ he laughed. ‘By Wednesday…by Wednesday’.


kurt meets bebe


‘And, of course, I must greet you properly’, he smiled at my friends, meaning a kiss on each cheek.

Nanni got up and greeted Kurt, happily bare, by Bebe was a little embarrassed by it all. When he left, the conversation went thus:

Bebe: I found it weird. He was so….relaxed about it. Like he didn’t even notice.

Ella: He probably didn’t. It never occurred to me that ‘oh, I’m naked, greeting a naked man who isn’t my husband’.

Nanni: I loved the casual nature of it. It’s so….relaxed. Yes, it was totally strange and new to be greeting a naked man but I didn’t feel particularly embarrassed. If he’d been dressed, if he’d had shorts on, I think it might have been a much more cringing moment for me, but as were were both nude, in a naturist environment, it felt OK. I’m not sure I’m ready quite yet to walk down the street naked while cars drive by, but I think I could readily embrace this lifestyle.

Bebe: But his…bits…were in my face, nearly! (laughing).

Ella: next time, you won’t even notice his bits. Kurt’s a very intelligent guy. I’ll get him around for lunch if he’s free and you’ll be more impressed by his mind.


Postcard from Spain (2014-1-Day 2a)

Bebe snoozes on, but Nanni and I have already been out on the balcony with cups of tea (we’re British, we do tea, a lot!).

It was certainly warm enough to sleep nude on top of the bedclothes, and there seemed no point in putting anything on for our short trip to the balcony, so we’ve begun the day as naked as we’d like to continue for the next week. Nanni declared that with it being all girls together, and because it’s early, 700am and with no one around, and satisfied she’s not being overlooked by anyone, she’s happy enough to be nude. Whether this state of affairs continues into the day when there are others around remains to be seen. But it’s a promising start from one of my non-naturist companions!

ella and nanni_001b



Postcard from Spain (2014-1-day1)

Safely arrived, and chilling with some wine on a balmy terrace. I should warn you that having tried to ‘phone home’ on our various devices, the signal is poor enough to ensure it’ll only be two of us -at a push- who can connect at any one time. So it’s unlikely there’ll be three of us sat around the table, all logged in, posing frantically for you all!

Indeed, even with only two of us trying to connect to SL, we’re getting ‘Ruthed’ and turning into clouds, so this will be a bit of a push over the next week or so.

We arrived shortly after the supermarkets had closed, so it was an immediate rush around to the naturist hotel to get a bottle of house red over the counter (and charged over the odds!). Still, beggars can’t be choosers…


I’m certain we’ll manage, somehow, to work our way around the difficulties.