karen howie_001b


I confess that I lost my SL mojo when we got back from Spain. It happens from time to time with SL, and I’ve had that experience before and expect to have it again in the future. So rather than force it, I stepped away from it for about two weeks now. It’s like writer’s block. If you force it, it makes things worse. So the best option was to abandon ship for a couple of weeks and then see how it was going.

What usually ‘cures’ me of it is seeing something I desperately want on the SL blog lists, and it re-fires my imagination. Anyway, it does no harm to take periods off and freshen up accordingly.

Is there a stockpile of articles? Yes, there are! 🙂 I asked the others not to post them, and let us all take a step back for a while and think about where we take SLN from here. Emails & IMs are now beginning to be exchanged on this matter, and we shall see where SLN is going in the coming months. I really don’t plan to do anything radical before September, though. SL gets quieter in summer, as people, players, bloggers take vacations, and so we’ll hold back on any seismic change until then.

On with the show! Articles to begin getting published over the next few days, I think, and another few days away at the back end of next week.