Catch up, new skills, a break for me and moving forward

dirk eden_001b


SL slows down a bit in summer months, I’ve always found. Players are on vacation, and it’s a time for outdoors, not the computer, so there does tend to be less activity in world. Of course, there’s the flip side where the virtual slows down and real world naturism is much more in evidence.

The next few posts, spread around the staff, are me playing catch up on recent and forthcoming RL naturist (or at least nude, to varying degrees) events. Later tonight I hope to have the first of these, one of Barbara’s sporadic but always exceptionally considered posts, published. Following on from that Pookes has an article on the various northern hemisphere naked bike rides going on around the world right now (at least, the northern hemisphere) and I’ll be popping up a couple of photo galleries of recent work by Harry and Diane. They may be tonight, they may be tomorrow. After that, I’m taking a break from SL and from blogging. No, I’m not losing interest. I feel that we have to improve what we do all the time, and therefore I’m going to be working behind the scenes for much of the summer in a ‘kind of related’ manner. Firstly, I’ve always wanted to build, so I would like to devote some time to learning some of those skills, as I think that it would benefit us in the long term to do some of our own props, poses, sarongs…. Quite how successful this will be remains to be seen, but I’m going to fill what was my ‘SL time’ with things like that and also seeing if we can upgrade and revamp the site. So some web-page skills need to be learnt too.

I also have two growing children at home here for their summer holidays…and also accompanying us to Spain next week! So my first priority will be to them until we slip back into a schooldays routine in September. From tomorrow, Pookes will be helming the SL editor’s chair until mid-September, and there will be a slight sea-change in the way things get done around here! 🙂 You never know…she may be so good at it that I can sack myself! 🙂

Of course, Pookes and I are meeting up in Spain, in real life, next week, which is quite exciting. After that I know she has some ideas of her own about how we move forward with SLN, but she can provide the details on that during her tenure in the editor’s chair.

I set up the ‘Moonella’ group a couple of years back, with plans for it, but without ever doing anything with it. My intention is that this will be more active, free gifts etc, in the autumn (fall, North American cousins) and maybe have SLN T shirts or things like that made available for members. Depending on how good I get to be as a builder or designer, I’ll maybe throw some stuff at you via that source.

We’ve also wanted to do SLN as an in world, readable ‘newspaper’, and how to do this will be another of the things on my ‘to do’ list. I’ve been wanting to break out of the formats we have currently (and the Issuu online and downloadable versions of SLN partially took us in that direction) so simply the options available to us are going to have to be examined, explored and experimented with.

So…I’ll catch you in the autumn, more or less. Yes, my name may tagline the odd post, but where it does it will be pointing you at some experiment or other that I’m trying out, in world and externally.

Enjoy your summer, wherever you are, and I’ll leave you in Pookes’ more than capable hands.