Nudity normalised

The media in the UK (and presumably elsewhere) have been making much of a youtube video in which a Polish woman goes into a petrol station in Krakow totally naked.

The general thrust of the British media’s take on it is ‘she wandered in as if it was completely normal, and no one batted an eyelid’. Several digital websites linked to UK media outlets show a pixelated video, which I found to be quite strange, because in a story that relates to a situation where nudity has been totally normalised, the media are their usual hypocritical selves in firstly reporting it as such and then making it less than normal by pixelating.

The link to the video above isn’t a ‘video’ as such, but a series of non-censored stills from the video.

polishnude1 polishnude2


I’ve managed to screen cap a couple of shots from the video.

The story suggests the temperature was over 30 degrees. Hot, in other words, made hotter by an urban setting (urban locations always seem hotter than the countryside or the seaside). So it simply becomes a case, at that temperature, of dressing logically for the situation. Nude, in other words. Bravo, whoever you are. Let us hope that, in particularly warm temperatures we see more of this sort of thing.


PS, for those who didn’t expect to hear from me until September, I’m still using a computer 🙂 and will certainly put in my tuppence worth if a story such as this comes to my notice.