How brave are we? Gulp! (Part 2)

I’ve just said bye-bye to Ella and her family. They set off back to the UK tomorrow, while Mr Pookes and I are in residence for a few more days.

ella&pookes30 ella&pookes31 ella&pookes34 ella&pookes35 ella&pookes36

So here’s a few photos, as close as you’re going to get to a ‘full reveal’, of the two of us chatting by the pool, unknowingly captured by Mr.Keng. Look carefully and you’ll catch Mr. Pookes’ head in the pool 🙂

I have to say I’ve enjoyed our time together, and it was great to put a face to a name after all this time. I hope we can do it again some time.

Ella & her family are absolutely lovely, and she’s as sweet as she comes across in SL. If you’ve met her in SL you’ll know what I mean. Safe home, Ella, and we’ll speak next week!


Topless Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, so that means topless Tuesday.

And this topless Tuesday, I’ve decided that it’s an opportune time to introduce you to a new SLN writer, for at least the duration of the summer.

The model/writer in the photos is Apricot, and she’s going to help fill in during Ella’s summer off.

apricot tt3_001b apricot tt5_001b apricot tt6_001b apricot tt8_001b apricot tt14_001b

apricot tt14 with kurt2_001b

Because we’re SL Naturist, we did have to pop a little full nudity in the last photo 🙂





Some naturist clothing ;) (A naturist accessory post)

Last day in Spain today with Ella and her family, although I’m here until the weekend. Another idyllic day beckons, and we’ve -Ella, my husband and I, Ella’s husband having got babysitting duties- already been down tot he sea for a glorious sea swim.

And now our (still naked) editor is looking over the naked acting editor’s shoulder to show me some of the ‘tools’ available for blogging. You’ll have noticed a few mistakes in recent posts, I’m sure, as I get to grips with wordpress mechanics.

So there’s some things backing up, needing to be published, and this is the first of them.

Faboo has some nice clothing items that fit right into a naturist’s wardrobe.

fanny m pareo_001b

We particularly like the pareo (above) and the open front, tied shirt (below) as being two of the group gifts (free to join) that fit right into a naturist wardrobe.



You can find Faboo here.