Hi, guys and girls of SL and SLN!

I’m Anne, and I’m joining the team for…however long you’re interested in reading my stuff. I’m gonna show great offence now with something Pookes has already said, and that is that I’m SLN’s first American writer. I’m not, I’m Canadian…biiiiiiig difference. 🙂 And I’m French-Canadian, originally from Montreal. I moved just across the border to the US about ten years back, to the shores of Lake Champlain on the US side, and I guess that’s where Pookes gets the idea I’m American. An honorary American, for sure, but still a proud Canuck! Enough about me though.

I’ve been given a little bit of a portfolio of things to cover for SLN, but before I get to that later this week, I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m still getting to know the rest of the staff, and as we’re on different time zones that’s gonna take a while before I can say that I know ’em well. But I’m heading out later today in SL to bring you my first report from the grid. I hope you stick around to read my stuff.

anneigma intro1


anneigma intro2