This is the Arabic symbol for the letter ‘N’. And why is it being published here? N for….naturist? Nudist?

No. In this context, ‘N’ denotes ‘Nazarene’, or Christian. And you may well see it utilised more on social media in the coming days and weeks as Christians demonstrate their solidarity with their co-believers in Mosul, Iraq.

Isis have been painting this over the doors of Christians in the city. Shades of yellow stars or pink triangles being sewn onto clothing, stars being painted on buildings?

The hashtag #wearen is also being utilised in this campaign.





The world grows more intolerant. As a result it’s always a pleasure to make an escape to Second Life, where the real world could learn lessons. I can spend time in the company of a diverse range of people and their sexual orientation, religion or the right to wear a furry avatar is never questioned. It’s a case of ‘live and let live’.

The real world can learn from the virtual one.


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