A bit of a triptych

Hi all,

I’ve been spending a lot of time doing photo shoots with the intention of changing the exhibition at my gallery in Nude Haven. If I’m honest I guess I picked the wrong time to open it, as I’m in the middle of a busy RL schedule and I’m not giving it the attention I should. Nor am I giving SLN the attention I should, and the crazy element of RL will continue until October.

The following photo was intended as one element of a triptych, but I’ve not got around to finishing it. Another SL plan that wasn’t followed through on.

So I’m in the process of just organising some photos, and decided I rather liked it enough to show it before filing away the remainder of the project.



If anyone wants a framed version, IM me and I’ll send you one, or make it available at my gallery for collection.



Naked motorcycling

I hope you were reading yesterday’s SLN and took the advice I offered in this post. I’ve got up and logged in this morning to find a shiny new bike has been delivered to me, courtesy of Turlaccor’s Midnight Mania (yes, the deal’s still on…run here now). It was just like Christmas morning!

And of course the first thing I decided to do, life-on-the-edge daredevil that I am, was to unbox it, fill it up with petrol and take it for a naked spin on the race track at their sim. I’ve driven cars in SL, done a lot of cycling in SL, but this was the first time I’d ridden a motorcycle and it was a fantastic experience. With each experience of the pixelated internal combustion engine in SL I take the view that isn’t it about time SL/Linden Labs tweaked the grid, joined up the road infrastructure and allowed rezzing points on, at least, the mainland, so that any of us could rezz a bike or a car and use it as we might in RL? I don’t mean all of us need to motorcycle naked, but surely we should be able to rezz our bike or car, drive it to the mall, get out, do some shopping and then drive it home (or to another place) again? What do you think? Might Linden Labs enhance the SL experience with joined up thinking regarding a joined up transport infrastructure?

pookes bike_001b pookes bike2_001b


I can honestly say that this is by far the best Midnight Mania prize I’ve ever received, so many thanks to all at Turlaccor for their generosity. I know I, and probably the rest of us at SLN, are going to have enormous fun with this item in photographs during the coming days.

But that’s not all! This morning I’ve received a group notice from the group regarding this…

striptease motorbike


…. a ‘Striptease Premium’ bike complete with animations. We shall investigate this item and perhaps bring you a report on it in the near future 😉

But let’s get back to my bike, briefly, before I head off for a spin again. I noticed at the race track that the best lap times were 20 odd seconds. I took 103 seconds to complete my lap! 🙂 In my defence, I’ve not motorcycled before and, well, riding naked, I certainly didn’t want to be falling off at speed! 🙂