A bit of a triptych

Hi all,

I’ve been spending a lot of time doing photo shoots with the intention of changing the exhibition at my gallery in Nude Haven. If I’m honest I guess I picked the wrong time to open it, as I’m in the middle of a busy RL schedule and I’m not giving it the attention I should. Nor am I giving SLN the attention I should, and the crazy element of RL will continue until October.

The following photo was intended as one element of a triptych, but I’ve not got around to finishing it. Another SL plan that wasn’t followed through on.

So I’m in the process of just organising some photos, and decided I rather liked it enough to show it before filing away the remainder of the project.



If anyone wants a framed version, IM me and I’ll send you one, or make it available at my gallery for collection.



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