Editorial: August 23rd, 2014

I hadn’t remembered Pookes was on vacation, otherwise I’d have stepped back in last week. I’m guessing that the intention was to continue to post from her holiday in Croatia, but on arrival she’s found out there’s been no wifi wherever it is she’s staying. Yes, I know that we lived in a wired up world nowadays, but thankfully there are pockets of resistance where technology doesn’t go. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from it all and leave the technology behind, and I personally find it liberating to leave the house without a phone and be uncontactable for a couple of hours. It’s just me and the children, without distraction.

My vacation from the SLN editor’s chair has another two weeks to run, but in all honesty I’ve exhausted the avenues I was pursuing. Some of those, relating to how we develop SLN, will emerge in due course. There won’t be any huge obvious changes just yet. Others were blind alleys for me. My mind isn’t wired to ‘build’ anything in SL, and I found the process to be frustrating, no matter how often I tried to grasp the concept. So no SLN designed houses or dresses or anything else, I’m afraid.

So I was kind of ready to make the leap back into the grid. I have to say I’ve been largely good to my word and not checked the blogs, hunts or anything else regarding SL these past number of weeks, but I have kept an eye on SLN and can say that Pookes has been doing a great job until inadvertently disconnected from technology.

So with a good part of a free weekend to kill, and an itch that only SL will scratch, I’m going to jump back in here early and try to give you a couple of posts over the weekend.


 While I support the idea of donations to worthy causes, I don’t always support the methods used to raise money. The Ice Bucket Challenge, to me, is symptomatic of the herd instinct of people living lives second hand through social media. ‘Oh, let’s throw iced water around each other and make videos of it!’

Seriously? You’re going to have a whole brain full of worthwhile memories by the time you’re old, aren’t you?

By all means raise money for Motor Neurone Disease, but I really don’t care about seeing your videos of it or, worse, having previously reputable news sources treat it as ‘news’.

That’s just me. You can do your own Ice Bucket challenge with an appropriate pose from Fashiowl. (L$0) if that’s your thing.

diana rookstown ice bucket_001b diana rookstown ice bucket2_001b