Paradise Found

Let me point you at Canary Beck’s web presence.

Canary has been doing wonderful, wonderful things in SL for ages, but if you’re new to SL, or new to SLN, or a long-term reader of SLN or player of SL, then it’s worth reminding you of this colossus of the pixellated world.

For example, Canary acts in and directs theatrical performance in SL, most notably performances of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’. The latter is particularly interesting to us as it features nudity and deals with the discovery of sexuality, being based on ‘the fall from Eden’ and Adam & Eve sharing that apple.

But as with everything Canary does, it’s done with style and grace and with a professionalism that equals any real life theatrical production. It doesn’t become less artistic in pixellated form. You could argue that it adds another dimension to the activity of theatre going.



Photograph © The Basilique Performing Arts Theatre Company. Adam & Eve dancing in a performance of ‘Paradise Lost’


Indeed, Paradise Lost has proven to be so popular that it is back for a second season (ongoing between the beginning of August and the end of October).

You can check out The Basilique web site (the Basilique being the theatre which houses the productions) for ticket availability. Yes, you need to buy a ticket! Why? I’m guessing there needs to be some sort of limit to prevent a sim being laggy, and let’s face it, it’s such an ‘immersive’ (Canary’s own description) experience that there needs to be some sort of way in which to recoup costs (I imagine that there are costs involved in production). And, rather excitingly for me, it’s the act -as in real life- of making a commitment to go and see a performance, paying for it, planning your evening around that event. And it’s artistic endeavour, monetised in SL. Why shouldn’t those who put in their time and effort (just as with clothes, hair and skin designers) get paid for their work?

Originally, SLN publisher Howie Lamilton’s vision for his SL was to bring a ‘unique to SL’ music into SL and sell it exclusively in world, and build up a roster of like-minded artists who could produce their own work exclusively for SL. hence his ‘Second Life New Media Publishing Group’. His vision wasn’t for SLN at all, but a publication that highlighted SL’s artists’ work. A page on in world art production, for example. And had it grown legs, certainly features on the likes of Canary Beck’s work. For one reason or another that didn’t materialise and SLN was realised, partly because Howie is a RL naturist, partly because it was still a ‘naturist magazine’, ergo ‘an artistic outlet’ that partially fulfilled the role. Look at some of Harry & Diana’s photos for the magazine. While some are merely illustrative, others are highly artistic in their delivery, and it’s obvious that just because the subjects are pixels, the artistic thought going into them isn’t less than that if they were real life nude models.

And they aren’t alone. Many SL blogs feature terrific photography. The writing on many blogs is top notch. We are, in SL, a very artistic bunch, it would appear.

If you get the chance, try to catch a performance of the second season. And at least chase down the links to see what the almost limitless possibilities of SL arts production can look like.