#EscracheDeSujetadores (Spanish Bra Protest)

Living in Scotland, I’ve got an ‘independence’ (from the rest of UK) vote coming up in September. I’ll not go into further detail now as I’ve another post lined up about that in the next couple of weeks. And yes, I do work in some ‘no fig leaf’ comparisons.

I’ll tell you now. I’m voting against independence. Yes, I’m English, but my Scottish husband will be voting against too.

In the past couple of years we’ve concluded the leader of Scotland’s Nationalist Party (the ones seeking independence, more as a vanity project than anything else) Alex Salmond has proven himself to be, well, a bit of an idiot.

So it’s satisfying to learn that our politicians aren’t singular in their stupidity. It can happen to any puffed up, self regarding moron anywhere in Europe.

Take Leon de la Riva, Mayor of Spanish city Valladolid, who is afraid to get in a lift with a woman because she might strip down to her undies and cry ‘rape’.

This has led to a ‘bra protest’ in Valladolid in anger at his comments.

In Malaga, the courts dropped a case against five alleged rapists, and their mayor effectively said ‘well, don’t focus on Malaga, there’s 1000 rapes in Spain each year’ (link in Spanish). And Spain has proposed some guidelines for avoiding rape, such as ‘take your first name off your letterbox’, which people believe attempts to shift the burden of blame from rapists to the victims.

The hashtags #EscracheDeSujetadores (Bra Protest) and #NoEstasSola (You are not alone) are now trending on Twitter as people grow angry at politicians loose tongues over very serious crimes.

Naturally, SLN supports those who are protesting against the idiotic remarks made by local politicians. We support the right for women to go about their business without fear of sexual assault or rape, and ‘she was drunk, it was consensual’ is never an excuse. If she’s drunk, it’s a man’s duty -a real man’s duty- to ensure she gets home safely, to not take advantage.



Read more about the bra protest in Spain here and here and here (Youtube report via ‘Russia Today’ news).


French Knickers, cami-knickers.





I’m not sure if naturism informs my sense of undergarments, and a sense of looseness and airiness around my nether regions, but I do adore French knickers (or cami-knickers as they’re sometimes known).

They’ve never, to my knowledge, been something created in abundance in SL. I guess that briefs, as panties, are easier to add as an under layer. And there’s some sexy lingerie around, no doubt about it, but still I yearn for someone producing a beautiful set of silk cami-knickers (or French knickers), as illustrated above.

I’ve trawled the Marketplace, without success, for something like those above, and previously toured dozens of lingerie stores.

So I was glad to see that Hilly Halaan has a free group gift billed as ‘romper suits’ that, in the panty element, are one of the closest pieces of clothing I’ve seen to replicate that style of lingerie. It’s free to join the group, and you get three colours in it. What has this to do with naturism? Nothing. It has merely been a bit of a rummage through my RL lingerie drawer and the excitement of me finding a garment that I’ve wanted to own in SL for ages. 🙂


charlene romper suit2_001b