With us ‘larking about’ for much of the summer, and with me just getting back into the swing of things, I noticed some photo files that Harry had taken at the Derailed sim (beautifully photogenic it is too) of model Nadine.

There’s no accompanying post for the photos, but as they’re so lovely, I thought I’d make you aware of Derailed‘s existence (it’s not naturist, but beautiful for photography) even without there being any relevant story.

nadine derailed2_001b nadine derailed5_001b nadine derailed6_001b nadine derailed8_001b


It’s time for us to get our focus back onto SL naturism.



Hooray for September! Hooray for Labor Day!

Here in the northern hemisphere the summer is beginning to slip away. I was out cycling last night and had to turn my lights on on a quickly darkening evening at around 730pm. We have the potential for a distinct autumnal chill in the air in the mornings, but still, theoretically at least, a possible Indian Summer.

I like the autumn and the colours it brings, something replicated in SL too and the potential for great Sl photography. And I like the fact that, maybe a couple of weekends hence, we’ll get a Saturday evening that’s warm enough for a BBQ to be at least cooked outdoors, even if we bring it inside to eat with lengthening shadows and a rapidly falling night.

I like, too, that SL tends to spring back to full life in September. The summer holidays are all finished and the relative downturn in SL activity (this blog included) is ended. Bloggers, like me, who’ve spent a good part of their SL time -evenings and weekends- out of doors come in, close the door, light a light and get bunkered down with the computer again. My break from SL (to learn new computer skills) over the summer has certainly invigorated me, and I’m looking forward to getting SLN12, a full issue, out during this month. I’ve been working on it even during my ‘break’, as doing so allowed me to put some of my new found skills into practical use.

So it’s always exciting to see the SL blogosphere begin to buzz again.

We don’t hold Labor Day in the UK, but I know many of you will be, will have been, celebrating this ‘end of summer’ weekend over the past two days, and today, so whatever you’re doing or have been doing I hope you have a terrific time before we settle into autumn/fall.



giblette guillaume chair pose