The SLN Photo Studio, conflating RL & SL

One of the things I was doing during my time off was (amongst many other things) collecting backdrops, and even using my own photographs for the purpose. With another holiday at Vera Playa pending, I’m going to be taking photographs with the intention of them suiting the new photo studio I’ve bought, so that we can slot some of our models into RL naturist backdrops.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s a shot of my Spanish friend Mercedes and SLN publisher Howie at Croatian naturist resort Koversada. Expect more of this sort of thing from the middle of next week, when I get down to Spain.

merc & howie koversada2_001b
I like this effect, a conflation of the real and the virtual, and we’ll be seeking to add to the backdrops I’ve begun gathering and letting Harry & Diane loose with my new photo studio toy. 🙂

Edited to add further photos of Howie and Mercedes (and Mercedes alone) from Vera Playa, using some of my own photos as backdrops. Note : at one time Mercedes home was the Bahia de Vera naturist urbanisation at Vera Playa, used as the back drop to photo 4. Photos 1, 2 & 3 use Vera Natura as the backdrop.

mercedes & howie bahia de vera2 mercedes bahia de vera mercedes vera natura2howie & mercedes vera natura


And further shots with Emma and/or Howie…

emma hotel street_001b


Emma ‘Hotel Street, Vera Playa’

emma valalta3_001b


Emma, ‘Valata, Croatia’

emma volleyball2_001b
Howie and Emma, beach volleyball

emmanuelle agde2_001b

Emma, ‘Cap D’Agde Village Naturiste’

howie agde2_001b
Howie, ‘Cap d’Agde Village Naturiste’