The iCloud Nude photos vs general image theft

Picking this story up from the Huffington Post regarding the ‘naked selfie habits’ of women. They conclude from their survey that women aren’t stopping any time soon and an overwhelming majority would do it again.

Of course it isn’t coincidental that this story runs now. Their survey has obviously been commissioned on the back of the iCloud nude photos theft.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

So says a line taken from a play by William Congreve, in the 17th century and tweaked slightly to the form in which we know it. The full line reads “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned”.

In our digital age, it may be time to tweak it again for iCloud purposes. ‘Heaven & Hell have no disdain like love to hatred turned’. Maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time, but sending risqué photos to a lover is….risky. We already know that ‘sex as aerobics’ or ‘sex as a way of passing the time’ are realistic approaches to the act, sometimes a series of one night stands without any emotional baggage. And that approach applies to many women just as it does to men.

Relationships can sometimes also be relatively fleeting, but within them there may well be the exchange of nude photographs. So you sent them to your current paramour but the relationship is going nowhere. Time to move on. But can you be certain he or she deleted those photos with the termination of the relationship? Of course you can’t. And, I suspect, few people would. Being of a generation ahead of the digital age, I have to say that this isn’t something that ever existed on my radar.

But my expectation would be that very, very few people would delete and, of course, depending on the circumstances to the conclusion of the relationship, readily share or upload those photos. Perhaps as an act of ‘revenge’. Perhaps because, in the 21st century, there’s no sense of honour or valour left and men (predominantly) treat the photos as ‘just another notch on the bedpost’ or ‘just another digital memory of a tramp/bitch/slut/whore/f*** -all of the pejorative terms that many men readily use to describe women.

I’m still not fully comprehending of the (feminist) view that comments like ‘don’t put photos on the cloud’ are ‘victim blaming’. Yes, there’s a victim, but in the grand scheme of human nature, the women involved in any leak of this nature, be it a ‘celebrity’ or an simple member of the public, have been empowered to ensure it doesn’t happen to them simply by not making or posing for photos of that nature. And I say that as someone who would regard herself as a soft feminist.

I simply don’t get the theory that putting those photos…anywhere…is somehow the fault of men when there’s a fallout. It’s human nature to do it…did you really expect anything else? It’s not right, but it’s in the nature of the male of the species, don’t you agree? So in that sense there’s no real surprise that it happened (be it via a jealous, spurned lover or some sleaze ball anxious to promote his web page and quite consciously indulging in, or at least being party to, the theft.

 Where do we draw the line on what’s been ‘stolen’?

Look at the photo below.


It’s a shot of Cap D’Agde. I deliberately went looking for a shot of the place, and I found this one, which I imagine is recent. Is there a ‘theft’ of sorts going on here? Not so much in a sense of me borrowing 😉 the shot (and there’s a reason why I wanted a recent Agde shot, which I’ll come to), but in the sense that someone has taken it and it features nude people who may or may not (it’s Agde, you can never be sure) have wanted to be photographed.

Granted, the people in the photo are ‘anonymous’ in being shot from the rear, but equally photos such as this could show frontal shots. Now, I’m not getting at the photographer, because I also take similar types of shots on naturist holidays to capture a feeling of the location, taking equal care not to clearly identify anyone. But as well all know, there are people who will happily undertake voyeur shots at nudist beaches, with the ‘model’ clearly identifiable. Does this differ from the iCloud leaked photos? Not at all. Does the fact that a young (or not so young) woman wishes to go nude on a beach make her fair game? Not at all.

I’m gearing up for the autumn & winter here on SLN, and Agde will feature strongly in the coming weeks and months, so in advance of that -or more accurately, a SL approximation of Agde or Agde styled sims- I’ll be running a couple of posts that give a flavour of the place as it was in the past and as it is now.