Well, I landed in Spain earlier this morning, through until next Tuesday, and it is, as expected, sunny and hot (anywhere is, generally, sunnier and hotter than Scotland).

As previously reported, I’m not going to avidly post further ‘postcards’, as I think we’ve exhausted that for now, but I will add one or two if I see something new-ish to naturism that I think you may be interested in.

What I’d like to do during the next week is spend my evenings (the main season has ended, so entertainment in the bars is a bit thinner on the ground now, apart from at weekends) playing catch-up on many of the posts that have backed up during my and then Pookes’ absence. Harry & Diane have been snapping away. Barbara has contributed a couple of pieces, and occasional writers Anne & Apricot, who Pookes told us would be contributing, have pieces I’ve/we’ve not been able to publish before.ella pool_001b

ella pool2_001b

I’ve begun assembling the body of what will be SLN12, another ‘full issue’, which I’ll publish next week.

I’d also like to (finally) get the Venus & Mars at Agde series started, with Venus (the female in the duo) effectively finishing off a lengthy tale following yet another summer the couple spent in Cap D’Agde. So…I expect it to be a busy week, SLN-wise, this week, and then it’ll be home to get SLN12 published, and then return to work for what will seem like a long, naturism-free winter 😦

Still, I can’t complain having managed to squeeze in three naturist holidays this year.

As soon as I arrived, despite the unearthly middle-of-the-night start and dawn flight, followed by an hour’s drive to the resort, it was bags down, clothes off and into the pool for a truly refreshing dip. Now, if you’ll excuse me for a couple of hours…I need a siesta! 😉


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