Ain’t it the truth!


Yes, males and females alike labour under the misconception that the whole world’s looking at them. I thought the same when I made my nude debut. So used are we to clothes that the idea that our naked bodies won’t be seen as anything else as ‘sexual’ takes us well out of our comfort zone, initially. But it passes quickly.

In time we learn that we’re more attracted to someone’s personality more than the size of their boobs or penis. In fact, in time we’ve stopped even noticing boobs and penises! Here, in a naturist environment, I couldn’t tell you how well my friends are endowed (either above or below waist level) any more than I could tell you the colour of their eyes.

There’s no getting away from the fact that your nude debut will be nerve-wracking, as if the eyes of the world are upon you. In time (an hour, perhaps) you’ll have forgotten you and the people in your immediate surrounds are naked. Fact!



3 thoughts on “Ain’t it the truth!

  1. Exactly! Maybe that’s the way forward…to be involved in something on your nude debut rather than focusing in on your own body awareness! Game of water polo…volleyball…gardening at a sun club….just get stuck in and you immediately forget you’re naked.

    One of my friends told me that her nude debut happened ‘by accident’. Invited to a social gathering (right here in Spain at a beach bar, not 200 metres from where I’m writing this) she arrived in a pareo and was sat amongst a gathering of people, all nude. 🙂

    A woman who would go unconcernedly topless, she slipped the pareo down ‘to fit in’. The beers came around. Beer being a diuretic (it makes you run to the loo), she got up to go to the loo and it was only once sat in the lavatory that she realised she was fully nude, haha, and had to make her way back to the table fully nude.

    Needless to say the pareo was not put back in place the rest of the night, nor much seen ever again! 🙂


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