A perfect dawn

It’s after 700am when the sun rises in Spain at this time of year, and I popped out onto the balcony early to catch an almost exact replica of the scene I’ve captured in these photos, a perfect dawn.

While yesterday began cloudy, with the sun struggling to emerge from behind the clouds, this morning’s dawn was clear blue sky perfect, so a quick, slightly chilly sea dip seemed in order.

ella sunrise_001b ella sunrise2_001b

The only people on the beach were the night fishermen, just finishing up their night’s work, a lady (dressed) walking her dog, and three male joggers, one dressed, two nude. I had thought the beach on a morning such as this would have been busier, but apparently not!

morning jogger_001b morning jogger2_001b

Morning joggers, invariably male, abound at this time of the morning. 

After a day of just getting myself organised properly yesterday, today’s going to be a full, relaxed, sunbathing and swimming day, broken only by getting into the shade in order to do some work on SLN. I should be back later on with some of those backlog posts. Catch you then!


Full Moon

I think the full moon was actually last night, but it’s as as full as makes no difference (to me).

A typical Vera Playa day. Beautiful until late afternoon when the wind picked up, then settled down again. This is practically a daily occurrence in this part of the world, and it was for that reason that I headed around to the naturist hotel late yesterday afternoon and took some photos of interiors, for use as backdrops, I don’t take voyeur photos of naturists. The hotel’s pool area is sheltered on four sides, so the wind is never an issue. This afternoon it whipped up strongly enough to be creating minor dust clouds.

Anyway, it all settled down again (as usual) and I headed down to the pool after dark as a brilliant moon shone down on the pool and I could float on my back and count stars. It’s a magical experience, made better when unfettered by a swimming costume.

ella moon4_001b

More a half moon in the photo 🙂 and I’m glad the pool area wasn’t quite as spooky as the backdrop to this photo suggests.