Is it weird?

‘Hey Ella’, an avatar IMs, ‘I love reading SLN’. Thanks, I love the fact that you love reading it.

‘I couldn’t help notice that you’re in Vera Playa this week. I’ve stayed there too and love the lifestyle but there’s one thing I find odd. And that’s at the weekend, when many Spanish people drive down to the beach for the afternoon and the it can be 2-3 males and a female, or the other way round. It makes me think a couple are involved and there’s maybe a couple of male friends who are getting to see your girlfriend naked, or the other way around. I’d be weirded out to think that my brother or best friend was seeing my girl ‘.

Hmmm…I don’t think it’s weird. First and foremost, you’re maybe sexualising a naturist situation thinking like that. You need to see it in a fuller naturist context. Remember: in situations where there’s naturist facilities, you grow up with that culture. You’ve maybe been visiting the beach from the age of 7 or 17 and public nudity has been a normal part of your life. And as such the naked body doesn’t hold the sexual focus it would have for someone growing up in a textile environment.

That’s not to say that you won’t become aroused in a sexual situation, you will, but naturism doesn’t equate to sex.

The chances are that you’ve visited the beach with your friends, a peer group, and have been nude on the beach for quite a long time. You may have grown up in a naturist family environment and seen your siblings naked for as long as you recall. And it’s all so normal and dull.

You don’t say whether you visited Vera with a girlfriend or wife, or if you socialised with anyone. But I imagine, in both instances, you did.

So…how did you feel about others looking at your girl/wife? I would think that you probably weren’t overly concerned or giving it any thought. So what difference do you think might exist where, if you’re local, you go to the beach with your brother and your girlfriend? Or your wife and your best friend?

No one will be looking at another person in a sense of sexual desire any more or less than they would on a textile beach. Simply because people are fully nude will not make one jot of difference to ‘sexual chemistry’.

I would imagine there will be those visit textile beaches this afternoon across the globe who are ‘ogling’ their brother or friend’s girl in her bikini, trying to imagine what lies underneath. Human nature being what it is, that is maybe the case in naturism too. But I’d be fairly confident that in 99% of naturist contexts, the parties involved don’t care and don’t notice.

trioShe has come to the naturist beach with her boyfriend and his brother. Does the naturism add or subtract from potential sexual attraction? No.

Is the man on the left concerned that his brother and his best friend are seeing his wife nude?

In conclusion, I would say that no, it’s not ‘weird’ that a gender imbalance exists for groups of people choosing to visit the naturist beach, and not made ‘weird’ by familial or social links.


3 thoughts on “Is it weird?

  1. Let me just add that I’ve been down to the pool in fading light, where I feel into conversation with two mid-teens, maybe 15-16 (or twins?). A brother and sister studying English at school and anxious to try their knowledge out on me 🙂

    Even at an ‘awkward’ adolescent age they had no body shame, of each other or of me. And THIS is how we need to regard our bodies, from age 0 to age 100, they’re ALL beautiful and are not something that needs to be regarded with any shame.

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