Look of the day…look of the week (every day, every week)

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Every time I visit a naturist site, there’s a familiar look to couples who pass by, whether it’s on the beach or in a campsite. And that’s the fully nude male, pareo-clad female couple.

Ladies will throw on a pareo for the trip from an urbanisation (here) or their campsite (in France or Croatia, perhaps) to the beach or swimming pool. It’s not a ‘modesty’ thing. Often the breeze will catch a pareo and leave your private parts fully exposed, for example. And here in Spain, where it’s breezy most afternoons, you could just as readily be walking to the beach effectively ‘bottomless’ anyway.

Me? I do throw on a pareo from time to time.  There’s no hard and fast rules, it’s just whatever mood I happen to be in at a given time of day. Breakfast on the terrace might involve throwing a pareo around myself to offer a flimsy protection for the cool morning air.

I walked down to the beach bar for morning coffee earlier with it on, I walked back with it in my bag 🙂

Why do we naturist ladies do it? It’s that ‘hygiene’ thing, not sweating into a chair. When Mr. Keng is with me he’ll walk fully nude beside pareo-clad me, but I will have his pareo in my bag so he can use it to sit on.

Of course, as soon as any lady gets to the beach or swimming pool, it’s unconcernedly, confidently removed. But we still keep them around, and wear them, almost as part of a naturist ‘uniform’.


3 thoughts on “Look of the day…look of the week (every day, every week)

  1. When I am nude at a resort or any where else, I don’t like carrying a towel around. I con’t like wearing anything either. It is uncomfortable to be in a nude setting while wearing something. It just doesn’t feel right. Like I am the one naked while others are clothed. But even then, I have been naked while others are clothed and it is still more comfortable and normal. So wearing anything when I prefer to be nude is out of place for me. I still have to carry a sit towel or cloth with me, It certainly isn’t worn. But my hand would rather be carrying a cup of coffee and a doughnut, not a towel.
    SL Name: barefoot hermit

    • I don’t want to be sitting, bare-cheeked, where someone else’s sweaty or sun-tan oiled bare-cheeks or thighs have been (nor they sitting where I’ve been), so the towel is a must for hygiene purposes. Which has got me to thinking. If many of us have to pay a nominal sum for a plastic bag, for the sake of the environment, would we naturists be prepared to pay, say, a 5c charge for a large napkin that would be used to place on a seat included with our cup of coffee, and disposed of in a bin when we’re finished? We could maybe, then, do away with the need for a towel to be carried at ALL times. (Is there a paper manufacturer that would be willing to produce these for the naturist community?)

      At one of the beach bars I go to, I’ve struck an arrangement whereby I give them 20 euros at the beginning of the week and ‘run a tab’ on that. My coffees & teas are ticked off the value of that 20 euro note as the days go by, and this has even reduced the need for me to carry a purse at all times. Earlier this year I went home with 2-3 euro still in credit…and when I returned they said ‘oh, you’re still in credit…this coffee’s free’. And I HAVE previously got up and left, forgetting to pay a (small) bill through being lost in conversation with friends. I returned the next day to pay, and apologised and they said ‘oh, we knew you’d come back and settle’. Naturists can be honest like that, and a lot of faith and good trust exists between them. Ever walked away from the table for a swim, leaving your purse, smart-phone and other valuables there, only to come back and find it all untouched? I have, often. And I don’t think that would happen so much in ‘textile’ surroundings.

      Maybe the way forward is paper napkins and a pre-paid credit line that would permit naturists to carry nothing at all. Now, my own circumstances allow me to leave an apartment with nothing but flip-flops and the key on a chain around my neck. That’s really travelling light!

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