Look of the day…look of the week.

ella beach tank_001b

Here I am at Su Casa, one of SLN’s office bases in SL. I’ve wandered away from our office at the lighthouse, and along the beach, to replicate my morning stroll/swim here in Spain.

I pretty much have a well-established routine regarding this. At this time of year 900am is when the sun’s up and warming up, so I’ll pop on a tank top -for reasons that will become clear momentarily.

When I get to the beach I can either take the tank top off and my flip flops and pop them down on the sand knowing it’ll be there when I come back for them 30-40 minutes later. I’m now only in the possession of the key I need to get back into the apartment, and that’s hung on a chain around my neck.

And so I’ll set off on my walk, covering the full length of Vera Playa’s naturist beach. Of course, if there’s any cloud around I tend to keep my tank top on, because if the sun slips behind a cloud early in the morning it can still feel a little chilly.

Once back to my clothes, or what there are of them, I then take my morning sea swim. Not so much a swim as a ‘float on my back’ session. The beach can be beautifully quiet at this time of the day. The odd dog walker, perhaps a couple or two, and then numerous people on their own, like me, who are utilising the beach for part of their daily fitness regime. Some walk, some jog. Me? I walk 🙂

Once out of the water, any breeze will make one shiver, and that’s why I use the tank top. It’s something I can pop on for a moment or two until I do begin to warm through. That process only takes a couple of minutes.

ella beach tank2_001b



ella beach notank_001b




It’s a magical time of the day.

What’s more, this tank top & bottomless look appears to be in vogue with women right now. And I stand by what I said about pubic hair earlier in the week. It’s slowly but surely coming back into vogue too! I spotted two women today who’d adopted that look, and some others earlier in the week as well.

Another part of my morning routine has also been to have morning coffee at the closest beach bar to me here. With sunshades erected, it doesn’t feel oppressively hot on my pale-ish skin, and it’s a delight to sit there watching people setting up on the beach for the day, and indulging in a favourite Vera Playa pastime, promenading the length of the beach, just as I’ve done at a more suitable, cooler time of day.







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