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While in Spain I did a fair amount of work on pulling together much of the next issue of SL Naturist, Issue 12, and as before we’ll also publish it as an Issu publication.

The theme this time will be a broad ‘international’ theme. Essentially we want to look at different attitudes to naturism around the globe in real life, and examine whether these values are reflected in SL. Some of the fruits of my summer off from SL, learning new design skills, may emerge in the course of that. I certainly hope so anyway! I’m not quite ready to publish it yet, but we’ll be trying to bring it to you as soon as we’re satisfied.


Plus sized midnight skinnydipping

One observation from last week was the presence of a couple who didn’t appear to use the pool by day and would leave it almost to the stroke of midnight before emerging to take a ‘cover of darkness’ skinny dip, and a scene I would have reported there and then had I been doing the ‘Postcards’ series this time, because there’s a bit of a lovely ending to it.

The wife was very plus sized. Whether it was a bit of body consciousness, or whether it was a first time on a naturist holiday I’m not sure. I suspect the latter, because at midnight the first time I observed them, the wife emerged in a one-piece full body swimsuit, which is a naturist etiquette ‘no no’ at a naturist pool. We all accept there are people on the move where clothes are sometimes necessary -going out to the supermarket for example- so even experienced naturists sometimes need to dress sometimes. But you do not wear swimwear in a naturist pool. It is simply frowned size3_001b

Within the context of naturism you often encounter CMNF or CFNM (clothed male, nude female and clothed female, nude male, respectively. Something of a sub-genre in erotica/porn, where it is used to depict a sense of ‘humiliation’ in some instances, it’s a fact of naturist life. Often I’ve had conversations with other residents, in the apartment block or at a beach cafe, where I’ve been nude and them clothed, and vice versa. We spoke, last week, about ladies (myself included) sometimes throwing on a pareo to walk the distance between where they’ve parked the car and the beach, being de facto ‘clothed’ while conversing with fully nude males. It just happens. You run into a friend who is dressed/naked while you’re dressed/naked, and a normal conversation ensues. It’s a normally of size5_001b

But the ‘naturist police’, other residents of a naturist complex, will take you to task for wearing clothes by the pool. And Spanish naturists are sometimes so militant that the appearance of clothed people on the beach will lead them to stand up and slow handclap, in order to shame what they believe (sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly in my opinion) voyeuristic non-naturists. To me, there should be some leeway provided in order for naturist newbies to grow to accept the normality of the nudity around them, adjust their perceptions and almost invariably strip off in time, while the slow handclap can scare off size2_001b

But let’s get back to our midnight skinny dippers. The first night, the wife wore a full, one piece suit. Although her husband was nude, there was an element of uncertainty in his body language, which is what makes me believe it was a first time for both of them. Suitably emboldened by the fact that it went ‘OK’, the next night the wife was reduced to a thong. By the third night she emerged from their apartment (always at midnight) fully nude. Perhaps not wholly comfortable with the situation, but obviously with some sense of growing confidence, even if it was under cover of size4_001b

By Monday, during the ‘siesta’ period when the pool is traditionally empty and many are lying low, she managed to make her way to the pool in daylight. I suspect that baby steps, and being allowed to embrace naturism in her own time, at her own pace, at the time of day of her choosing, has led her down a path of saying ‘yes, I’m naturist’.

plus size7_001b


Very few of us who embrace the naturist lifestyle have the confidence to simply throw off our clothes and wade into a life of nudity. We all have our hang-ups, some degree of body consciousness. It does take time, for some, to ‘grow into’ naturism. I was no different. Incremental steps. The bikini top coming off…breasts exposed…then the bikini briefs coming off…sat in a position where nothing was on show…then the ‘face down’ bare-bottomed sunbathing…then the *gulp* face-up sunbathing (in a quiet corner of the pool area)…then the ‘damn, it’s hot I need a swim’ moment where it’s a heart-pumping, heart in mouth moment where you have to stand naked in public for the first time and make that walk or run to the pool and, maybe even more unnerving, the walk back to your sun lounger.

After that, it all seems quite normal, a case of ticking off the ‘first time I ever did that nude’ list. The walk around the streets, the cycling, the first naked swim in the sea, and so on.

For guys, I’m sure there’s an equal ‘but how do I measure up against the other guys?’ moment…the old myth of ‘will I get an erection?’…and so on. Sure, we all have our concerns.

But what was lovely for this lady is that there were no pressures placed upon her. She was discovering the pleasures of naturism for herself, at her own pace. I’m sure, within the garden of their apartment, or just sitting eating or watching TV, there was also a journey of discovery for this couple. Few of us will sit and watch TV at home naked, but once in a naturist environment doing that, making some dinner or doing the washing up nude is a whole new series of experiences.

Nervous and uncertain she may have been, but I’m confident that the slow pace of acceptance chosen by her has led her on a path to ensure that, last week, two new more naturists were born.


Better together (2)

I’ve made no apologies for my non SL, non naturist ‘Better Together’ post in which I’m nailing my colours firmly to the mast of a ‘No’ (to Independence for Scotland) vote, and will vote accordingly later today. But this is SLN. We do Second Life, we do Second Life Naturism.

Being UK based, I’m working on a time zone wherein I’m speaking more to Britons & Europeans when I’m in world than I am to people in the Americas, Asia or the Antipodes. It’s just the way it works.eswni2_001b

So…Brits, Irish, French, Dutch, Scandinavians & Spaniards dominate my friends list. And, I’m pleased to say, people from right across the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. And it is my great pleasure and delight (you have no idea how difficult it was to organise this! It took days of planning to bring us all together in one place!) to present avatars from the four nations of the UK showing their support for the United Kingdom, for naturism and for Second Life itself.eswni3_001b

If there’s more of us together, life’s more fun. And that’s true of naturism as much as it is of the United Kingdom. I spoke last week of the ‘social’ element of the lifestyle, of getting together away from damned dumb-phones and engaging with other people, and how the conversations are longer, the laughs more prevalent, when a bunch of people engage in social naturism. Naturism, like the UK itself, is BETTER TOGETHER. Second Life, like naturism, like the UK, is BETTER TOGETHER.

If you don’t play Second Life, get involved! If you do play Second Life, make sure that before you log off you’ve added a new friend or socially engaged with another avatar (it’s a pleasure itself to engage with someone from another part of the planet and, however briefly, get a little window into their world). If you haven’t tried naturism, maybe now is the time to google up the name of a local swim night or club and at least make enquiries.

And if you’re a  non-naturist SL avatar, maybe now is the time to hop along to one of SL’s wonderful naturist sims, find an avatar (look…some of us SLN folk are often around) and enjoy the particularly social and non-sexual element of SL naturism.





Better together



No apologies for today’s non naturist, non SL posting. Today Scotland votes on ‘independence’ from the rest of the United Kingdom.

And I’d like them to stay within that United Kingdom family. 300 years, we’ve had, of shared history. And in that time collectively punched above our weight on the global stage.

We would all be diminished by Scotland’s ‘independence’. The chances are Scotland will yoke themselves to Brussels and the EU if they do go ‘independent’. It’s strange that freeing yourself from from ‘a colonial master in London’ (which is how some Scots see it) means climbing into bed with a more distant and less sympathetic ‘ruler’. Joining the EU is not ‘independence’

What I say, an English woman living in Scotland, blogging on a niche website about a niche online game, won’t make a button of difference. But I sincerely hope Scotland chooses to remain within the UK family. I shall be going out later to vote ‘No’ to independence.