Better together



No apologies for today’s non naturist, non SL posting. Today Scotland votes on ‘independence’ from the rest of the United Kingdom.

And I’d like them to stay within that United Kingdom family. 300 years, we’ve had, of shared history. And in that time collectively punched above our weight on the global stage.

We would all be diminished by Scotland’s ‘independence’. The chances are Scotland will yoke themselves to Brussels and the EU if they do go ‘independent’. It’s strange that freeing yourself from from ‘a colonial master in London’ (which is how some Scots see it) means climbing into bed with a more distant and less sympathetic ‘ruler’. Joining the EU is not ‘independence’

What I say, an English woman living in Scotland, blogging on a niche website about a niche online game, won’t make a button of difference. But I sincerely hope Scotland chooses to remain within the UK family. I shall be going out later to vote ‘No’ to independence.


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